1.4 Million Nissans Have Diesel Defeat Device, Experts Warn

Nissan is one of the largest Japanese automakers in the world and is known for producing a wide range of vehicles. The company has been operating in the UK since the 1980s and produces many diesel vehicles there. The company claims to be leading the pack in producing electric vehicles, but the revelation that the company has fitted its diesel vehicles with illegal defeat devices casts a shadow over its claims of sustainability.

The diesel emissions scandal has been a topic of discussion for years now, and it appears that it is far from over. According to recent reports, around 1.4 million Nissan diesel vehicles contain a cheat device that helps them cheat on emissions tests. The UK law firm Harcus Parker is set to take legal action against the Renault-Nissan firms on behalf of potentially affected UK car owners. 

The scandal has already impacted some of the world’s biggest car manufacturers, including Volkswagen, which admitted to installing cheat software in its diesel cars. But can Nissan survive this scandal? Here’s what we know so far.

What Are Defeat Devices?

Defeat devices are software or hardware that detect when a vehicle is undergoing an emissions test and reduce emissions accordingly. However, when the vehicle is on the road, the device is turned off, emitting pollutants at levels much higher than permitted by law.

According to experts, the defeat devices used in the Renault-Nissan vehicles are similar to those used by Volkswagen. The devices are alleged to have been installed in diesel cars between 2009 and 2018, with some vehicles emitting up to 15 times more NOx pollutants than legally allowed. Harcus Parker states that up to 700,000 Renault diesel vehicles and 600,000 Nissan vehicles in the UK could be equipped with illicit emissions defeat devices. The affected models, which include the Qashqai, Note, Nissan Juke, Nissan X-Trail, Renault Clio, Espace, Renault Captur, Renault Megane, and Renault Scenic, have been identified.

Legal Action against Renault-Nissan

The UK law firm Harcus Parker is preparing to launch legal action against Renault and Nissan. The firm believes the Renault-Nissan alliance has breached European emissions regulations by fitting defeat devices to its diesel cars.

According to a freedom of information request, it has been alleged that the UK Government made efforts to convince Nissan to recall and repair affected vehicles, but the manufacturer declined to do so.

Previously, they were involved in litigation against Volkswagen, where the High Court determined that their emissions-cheating software violated European law. Now, Harcus Parker plans to initiate a comparable class action lawsuit against Mercedes.

The Consequences of Emissions Cheating

Emissions cheating has serious consequences for both the environment and public health. Nitrogen oxide emissions are a major contributor to air pollution, which can lead to respiratory diseases such as asthma and lung cancer. In addition, there are concerns about the impact of such emissions on climate change. The Paris Agreement aims to limit global temperature rises to below 2°C and reducing emissions from transport is a key part of meeting this goal. The impact on car manufacturers can also be significant. 

How Do I Take Action and File My Diesel Claim?

As a consumer, if you own a Nissan diesel vehicle, it is vital that you take action and file your Nissan emissions claim. With so many affected vehicles on the road, it is important to act fast before legal proceedings begin. 

The first step in filing your diesel claim is to determine if your Renault-Nissan vehicle is affected by this scandal. You can do this by checking the V5C registration certificate for your vehicle, which will indicate the make and model of your car. Alternatively, you can head over to https://www.claimexperts.co.uk for an in-depth guide on the process. You may also want to gather documentation such as service receipts or repair records you have for your vehicle.  

If your claim is successful, you will receive compensation for the financial losses you have suffered due to the emissions cheating scandal.

Bottom Line

Nissan’s diesel defeat device scandal has far-reaching implications. The immediate impact will be consumers who have purchased Nissan diesel vehicles affected by the cheat device, particularly those lured by the models’ supposed eco-friendliness. These consumers may now be eligible for compensation payouts from their Nissan emission claims.

The revelation will also increase scrutiny of other car manufacturers allegedly using cheat devices in their diesel engines. With Harcus Parker already launching action against Nissan, other law firms could follow suit, leading to a significant increase in legal challenges to car manufacturers.

Moreover, the recent emission scandals are likely to lead to tougher regulations from government bodies, with potential legal action through the courts. Nissan’s reputation among consumers and within the automotive industry will also suffer, with the public likely viewing the company in the same light as Volkswagen after its emissions scandal.

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