Mustang Truck
Mustang Truck

2023 Mustang Truck Mach-E GT’s Review!

Ford’s newest invention called Mustang truck is Mustang Mach-E GT in 2023 is stealing public’s eyes. What should you expect from this Mustang’s brand-new truck series? Find out more about it here

On the eve of the Los Angeles Auto Show, Ford debuted its electric crossover inspired by the Mustang on Sunday night. The Mach-low E’s ride and sleek design promise excellent performance and competitive range. However, you’ll have to wait for another year to try this mustang truck. But the main concern is whether the car has enough of the classic Mustang elements to draw enough customers into the world of electric vehicles. Also, how does it compared to the former 2021 mustang truck? There’s only one way to find out!

Mustang Truck
Mustang Truck

The Power Engine

The very first aspect you shall look into is the mustang truck’s power engine. Mustang Mach-E was actually Ford’s attempt to release a ground-up electric vehicle. Especially, since more and more people are demanding for a truck or a car who produce low emission and environmentally-friendly. So, here’s the catch.

Two electric motors, one on each axle, and an 88.0 kWh lithium-ion battery pack are included in the 2021 mustang truck. Together, they produce 480 horsepower, 634 pound-feet of torque, and all-wheel drive. The same power but 600 pound-feet are plenty for standard Mach-E GTs. The EPA claims that the GT Performance has a driving range of 260 miles. However, it is recorded that it only covers 220 miles.

As for now, you can only catch a glimpse of what might be the newest 2023 ford mustang truck’s battery power. After all, nothing is considered final after the product formally hit the street. There’s an information leak that the newest Ford Mustang Mach-E will be powered with 2 battery options.

There are a 75.7 kWh lithium-ion battery and an extended-range 98.8 kWh battery which will deliver between 230 and more than 300 miles. Acceleration will range from 0-60 times in the middle of three to the middle of five seconds. EPA hasn’t confirm the real record. However, it will soon be announced once the car passed through the final testing phase.

The Range, Charging, and Battery’s Life

Ford estimates that the 2023 Mustang Mach-range E’s will range from 224 to 312 miles, and it highly depends on the battery pack and the arrangement of the electric motors. Unfortunately, it is also hardly an improvement from the past mustang truck 2021. Each model includes a mobile charging device that can extend battery life by up to 80% overnight when used with a 240-volt outlet or up to 30 miles per night when used with a 120-volt outlet. All models also have amazing fast-charging capabilities. A Ford charging station, with the capacity to refuel at 32 miles per hour and recharge the battery overnight, can be ordered online and installed by licensed electricians.

Fuel Economy Features

Fuel Economy Features Mustang Mach-range E's
Fuel Economy Features Mustang Mach-range E’s

Ford claims that the 2023 Mustang Mach-E has an EPA-estimated range of up to 312 miles in its California Route 1 trim, which means it’s an exclusively all-wheel drive. Ford also estimated that the midlevel Premium model with rear-wheel drive followed by a driving range of 306 miles. It returns with the long-range battery and is now only available with AWD. Surely, ranges vary depending on model and equipment, with the lowest might range 224 miles for Standard Range battery models completed with all-wheel drive configuration. You can say that it’s actually a small improvement compared to mustang truck 2021. But still, it isn’t enough to beat Tesla.

Interior Design and Comfort

Interior Design and Comfort Mustang Mach-range E's
Interior Design and Comfort Mustang Mach-range E’s

Probably one of the best part from this ford mustang truck is that the vehicle actually boasts spacious cargo part. The car’s battery is actually located right under the car’s floor. So, you’ll get bigger cargo space. Your passengers can also enjoy the spacious room inside this car. Unlike the exterior, the interior part of this Ford Mustang is actually a callback to the older version of Mustang car. It features sleek dashboard along with appealing digital gauge cluster with a massive vertically mounted touchscreen attached. A floating flip-up armrest on the console’s center the front seat passengers to store a purse or other small items.

There are also a bunch of new slick features such as customizable ambient lighting systems, heated front seats, wireless charging for your gadget, a sunroof, and even a heated steering wheel. The front trunk is made from durable plastics you can easily cleaned, rinsed and then drained. This feature enables you to store ice and other potentially messy items. You can also fold the back seats and discover 29 cubic feet of cargo space behind the rear seats. The capacity is expandable up to 60 cubic with the seat folded.

Infotainment, Entertainment, and Connectivity

Infotainment, Entertainment, and Connectivity
Infotainment, Entertainment, and Connectivity

For instance, you’re probably going on a long trip delivering goods or maybe just having a small vacation day with your family. Taking a long trip might get boring quickly. However, some features offered by Mustang E-Mach will keep you entertained. The cutting-edge Sync infotainment system from Ford is implemented in the vehicle, providing with AI learning system. This advanced system will learn about each driver’s experience and enhance it to the next level. For now, it currently supports only one guest profile and two drivers’ profile. They might add more in the near future, but for now you’ll have to be content with this configuration.

The software’s program is run through 15.5-inch touchscreen vertically mounted to enable easy access to different apps provided. You can also access various features inside the touchscreen with ease. Some of the advantages you gained from this system is a release over-the-air updates over time, So, you’ll get to enjoy new and different contents every day. Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, a Bang & Olufsen audio system, and a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot are among the highlights.

So, that’s all everything you need to know about the newest mustang truck. It might not be released just yet. However, hopefully our review above will give you clear insight whether you’ll wait for Mustang Mach-E’s release last year, or would you rather skip it altogether.

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