4bt cummins for sale
4bt cummins for sale

Before Using 4BT Cummins for Sale, Read This First!

Ever consider to purchase 4bt cummins for sale? If you do, you might want to read our guide below first at typestrucks.com!

Engine swaps is not something new, especially to off-road lovers. Diesel engines are steadily gaining market share, although gas engines, namely the LS variant, are still the most common. The 3.9L Cummins or commonly known as 4BT Cummins is one diesel engine in particular that appears more frequently than most. The 3.9L (4BT) Cummins inline-four diesel engine is quite modest at 30.6 inches long, 24.6 inches broad, and 37.7 inches high, yet it produces 105 horsepower and 265 lb-ft of torque. No wonder, there are more people looking for 4bt cummins for sale for their vehicles.

Experimenting with 4BT Cummins engine might be worth it. You can also find this cummins 4bt for sale quite easily. However, there are numerous important things to consider before you try to swap your existing truck’s engine with 4BT Cummins. Find out more with our guide below.

What is 4BT Cummins Engine Commonly Used For?

4bt cummins for sale
4bt cummins for sale

When the 3.9L Cummins 4BT engine was introduced in 1983, it was mostly employed in smaller delivery vans and commercial vans like bread trucks. Despite being first used in commercial vehicles, the engine has become immensely popular for engine swaps in the 44 and off-road communities. It is also frequently used in farm machinery, forklifts, dozers, and other kinds of small machinery. 4bt cummins for sale skyrocketed as many truck users use the engine at that time.

With dimensions of just 30.6 inches long, 24.6 inches wide, and 37.7 inches high, the engine can be installed in nearly any vehicle. Used 4bt cummins for sale are commonly used for Jeeps, Broncos, 4Runners, buggies, and other off-road vehicles, producing 105 horsepower and 265 lb-ft of torque. Nevertheless, despite its little size, it still weights about 800 lbs.

The 5.9L Cummins 6BT (12v) and the 4BT are virtually identical; this cummins 4bt for sale only has two fewer cylinders. The 4BT and 4BTA were two variants of the 3.9L Cummins 4-cylinder. The 4BTA, introduced in 1998, saw an increase in valve count from 8 to 16, resulting in a performance boost of 170 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque.

4BT Cummins’ Fuel Pumps and Power Potential

4BT Cummins’ Fuel Pumps and Power Potential
4BT Cummins’ Fuel Pumps and Power Potential

The cummins 4bt for sale is still the preferred engine for swaps even though the 4BTA has greater power out of the box. The 4BT can be fitted with either a regular inline A pump or the P7100 pump as its fuel pump. With the P7100 pump installed, the engine can be adapted to generate material power. The 4BT, however, has a relatively simple design and lacks an intercooler. Therefore, adding more power-supporting equipment will be necessary for turbocharger updates, fueling modifications, etc. In conclusion, the 4BT can generate impressive power, but doing so will be pricey.

4BT Cummins for Sale Pros and cons

4BT Cummins for Sale Pros and cons
4BT Cummins for Sale Pros and cons

So, you might be interested to try installing this 4BT Cummins engine in your vehicle. Before you look for used 4bt cummins for sale, there are several things you must consider. Installing 4bt cumins engine for sale come with pros and cons. Read more about it below.

Pro: 4BT Cummins Engine is Simple and Cheap

The original 4bt cumins engine for sale first appeared on the market in 1983 and has since been employed in everything from delivery trucks to wood chippers. This implies that they are widely available and extremely affordable. Additionally, the conversion procedure is made simpler because the engines only need a minimal amount of electronics to function. This makes the engine become the perfect choice for beginners.

Pro: With Bigger Size Comes Greater Power

The B-series Cummins diesel engine family is among the longest and tallest diesel engines available. Diesel engines are notorious for their size. They are challenging to package because of these two facts. The used cummins 4bt for sale on the other hand, has an overall length of 30.6, a height of 37.7, and a width of 24.6 inches. Although they are not the tiniest four-cylinders available, we have seen them crammed inside of vehicles ranging from a Ford Mustang to Jeep Wrangler.

Eight valves and 105 horsepower and 265 lb-ft of torque are the power ratings for the pre-1998 4BT engines. Units (known as the 4BTA) produced after 1998 adopted a 16-valve design. With this valvetrain modification, the base horsepower was increased to 170, and the remarkable 420lb-ft of torque was also added. The power figures change depending on the application.

Pro: 4BT Cummins Are Reliable

The early used cummins 4bt for sale engines, sometimes known as “P-pump engines,” are still the most accessible and the most sought-after when fitted with the P7100 mechanical injection pump. Compared to later-style electric VP pumps, these injection pumps are regarded to be more dependable and simpler to modify. The engine’s asking price won’t be greatly affected by a P-pump engine.

Cons: It’s Heavy and Might Affect the Handling

The 4BT and 4BTA both have non-intercooled turbo-diesel engines, which is one thing they have in common. Given that the intercooler itself can be difficult to put beneath the hood, this is beneficial from a packaging perspective as intercooler ducting. An intercooler of some kind will need to be added, which is a problem for those looking for additional power. The additional bulk up front can affect handling because the engine weighs around one-third as much as a Jeep Wrangler.

The additional weight of this used cummins 4bt for sale also exerts extra pressure on the axles and suspension of the car. A full-size vehicle or SUV won’t have as much trouble with the weight. When it comes to a significantly modified 4×4, weight is frequently a relative concept.

Cons: It’s Too Old and Rough for Newer Vehicles

The 4BT’s lack of a modern diesel engine is its main flaw. It’s actually a little out-of-date and crude. The rattle, shake, and clatter of this diesel will be too much for some people, though that’s not always a bad thing. Additionally, you cannot simply connect a programmer to a 4BT and instantly have 500hp. Increasing the engine’s power is possible, of course. Absolutely. To push the statistics into the bragging range, though, will require substantial effort and financial expenditure.

So, what’s your personal take on 4BT Cummins engine? Would you purchase 4bt cummins for sale for your vehicle, or skip it and find other alternatives. Share your thoughts with us below.

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