5th Wheel Towing Trucks

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5th Wheel Towing Trucks – Finding the Right Tow Truck For Your Vehicle

Not every tow truck is the same. The best tow trucks are going to be the ones that fit the trucks you tow. So, before you head off to the local auto parts store, check out your specific vehicle model.

Towing a trailer with a limited towing capacity or a handicap towing capacity can be tricky business. In this article, we’ll look at a few tips for picking the right type of tow truck for you.

Keep in mind that even if your car or truck has a handicap towing capacity, it might not be the best tow truck for you. Think about your specific needs before you decide on your tow truck. If you want the best possible tow truck, you’ll need to pick one up locally.



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5th Wheel Towing Trucks

5th Wheel Towing Trucks

You’ll also need to determine your specific needs before you head to the auto parts store. With the new, cost-effective, technologically advanced, and energy-efficient vehicles on the market today, you’ll need to pick the right type of vehicle to tow.

But, the first step in deciding on the right tow truck is to think about the wheels you are using to tow the trailer. If you have a car with a bare aluminum or steel wheel, you will be limited to tow distances. If you have a car with steel wheels and a thick rubberized hitch, you can tow a larger trailer without a problem.

Many new cars are manufactured with more of a reachable hand trucks. This is good, but many older cars may have too small a turn radius to get through a smaller size of doorway. To solve this problem, make sure to choose the most appropriate hitch for your vehicle and your door frame.

5th Wheel Towing Trucks – 5th wheel towing capacity chart

The next step is to determine the size of your vehicle and trailer. When you are deciding on your tow truck, you will need to make sure that you will be able to fit into the car you plan to tow it with. This will allow you to get as close to your destination as possible. It will also give you the option of stopping at a different location if you get stuck.

How many people will be pulling the vehicle? This is important, especially when you are choosing between electrical or battery powered towing trucks. Battery powered tow trucks are a bit more expensive but are more convenient to use. Electrical towing trucks cost less but tend to run out of juice faster.

5th Wheel Towing Trucks

Towing capacity and material types will also come into play when choosing a tow truck. You should select a tow truck that will not only work for your vehicle, but will also be able to tow a larger sized vehicle. It’s not uncommon for tow trucks to come with side curtains to protect the driver and cargo from wind.

5th Wheel Towing Trucks – what size truck to pull 5th wheel

Be sure to look over the manual that comes with your tow truck. You will also want to get all of the information you can get on your particular model. Most tow trucks will have a tow rating on the manual that tells you how long you can safely drive your vehicle before you need to go in for repairs.

5th Wheel Towing Trucks

Now that you have a basic idea of what makes a good tow truck, get out there and test drive some tow trucks. Research the different trucks on the market and choose the one that suits your needs best. After all, this is your vehicle and the only thing you are paying for.

A truck is a truck. Pick the truck that will hold up in bad weather and the one that will be able to towa large towing vehicle. With the tips mentioned here, you should be able to find the perfect tow truck for your vehicle, no matter what you plan to do with it.

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