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After an 18-wheel accident, victims can expect the company and its insurer to resolve the matter. These parties will try to minimize the injury to the victim and exaggerate the role of the victim in the cause of the accident by hiring an attorney truck accident themself.

When the evidence is uncovered by the best truck accident lawyer, settlement talks intensify. Although most incidents are resolved amicably, a trial may be necessary. Offers to terminate are often made very soon after the incident. They can start long before the lawsuit is filed.

The insurance company can turn to the victim in the weeks following the accident and make an offer. This offer seems reasonable, although it is always much less than what the victim really deserves. Victims who establish the trucking lawyers from a reputable law firm tend to get better deals.

Attorney Truck Accident

How Long Do They Take?

Attorney truck accident can take anywhere from a month to years to settle after the accident. The severity of the injuries makes a big difference. If the victim is completely cured a month after the accident, this can speed up the process. This is rarely the case, however.

Many victims of truck accidents suffer serious injuries that require extensive treatment that can last for years. The costs of their medical bills will also be uncertain. In these cases, it is often advisable to wait before filing the traffic accident file until the victim’s treatment plan has been defined. All steps will be handled by semi truck accident lawyers near me.

Sometimes commercial trucking attorneys will wait to file the case before the limitations expires since the accident. Once the case has been brought to court, it often takes a year to get to trial. However, the vast majority of claims are resolved sooner.

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What Is the Average Amount of Clearance from a Truck Accident?

Attorney Truck Accident

Because serious injuries are so common, the settlement amounts for accidents involving an 18-wheel truck are generally higher than normal traffic accidents according to truck accident lawyer Houston. However, no cases are the same in attorney truck accident.

This makes it impossible to determine an “average” settlement amount by car accident lawyer because there is no “average” truck accident. However, 18 wheel offers can range from a thousand dollars to over $ 10,000,000. Some of the most important factors in the settlement will be:

• the victim’s age,
• the bad behavior of the driver,
• the extent of the victim’s injuries,
• Whether the victim was partially at fault,
• whether the injuries prevent from working in the future,
• if the company has obeyed the law or behaved in reckless,
• the shared guilt rules in the state in which the accident occurred,
• whether the victim has relatives who are close enough to provide the needs,
• the victim’s occupation, which will affect of their lost wages and earning capacity.

Attorney Truck Accident

Because the costs of these accidents are so high, and because it is normal for companies to try to keep costs in a minimum amount of liability by hiring an attorney truck accident themself, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires companies to carry at least $ 750,000 of coverage on their liability insurance.

However, this amount has not changed since 1980. Many serious accidents exceed the average settlement amount on Florida truck accident lawyer. In these cases, the policy limits on the insurance coverage of the trucking company may be met. This can leave the victim undercompensated.

It is therefore important to consult an attorney truck accident specializing in traffic accidents. They can find out who else may be held responsible for the accident.


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