26 Foot Box Truck for Sale in California
26 Foot Box Truck for Sale in California

Best 26 Foot Box Truck for Sale in California!

The industrial world cannot be separated from box trucks. Box trucks are needed to deliver goods whose conditions must not change due to weather. For those of you who need to add units by buying 26 foot box trucks for sale in California at typestrucks.com.!

Best 26 Foot Box Truck for Sale in California!

26 Foot Box Truck for Sale in California
26 Foot Box Truck for Sale in California

The box truck has dimensions large enough to transport products. The majority of the engines installed are diesel. Such engines make it possible to generate a large amount of power that can be utilised to transport heavy loads.

If you want to buy a used condition truck then try to study the specifications first. Look for a well-known brand as well so that the quality of the engine is guaranteed. In addition, pay attention to the mileage of the vehicle.

List of 26 Foot Box Trucks for Sale in California

You need to know the famous brands of box trucks that are widely circulated in California. Examples of such vehicles are Peterbilt, GMC, and International. We will give you an example of each below.

  1. Peterbilt 377 26 ft Box Truck

The Peterbilt company released the Peterbilt 377 26 ft series in 2014. You can now find this vehicle in used condition. The purchase price of this used vehicle starts from $39,000 – $42,000.

The exterior of the truck is white. The interior is grey. The engine still utilises diesel fuel. Diesel fuel alone allows for the production of a large amount of power capable of moving a truck with a heavy load.

The mileage of the vehicle varies. You can find this used truck with less than 150,000 miles to more than 200,000 miles. This box truck is equipped with a lift gate.

The vehicle features are also quite complete. Drivers can tune the radio while driving the vehicle. In addition, the air conditioning part of the truck is also still operating properly.

  1. GMC C5500 26 Ft Box Truck

We will also present an older box truck that is more affordable. The box truck was manufactured in 2005. The purchase price of the truck is in the range of $20,000 – $23,000.

The mileage of the vehicle varies from 100,000 miles to 160,000 miles. Meanwhile, the transmission system installed is automatic with 5 types of acceleration. The transmission uses Allison 2300 HS products.

The engine of this GMC box truck applies 8.1L Vortec V8 Gas which is capable of producing 325 HP of power. The engine is capable of transporting medium loads. The complete dimensions of the box are 26 ft long, 102 inches high, and 104 inches wide.

The condition of the truck is still quite good in terms of interior and exterior. In addition, the GVR of the vehicle is only 20,000 lbs. You don’t need a CDL class C lincense at all.

  1. International 4300 Box Truck 26 Ft

You have enough budget to buy a used truck. Why not buy an International 4300 Box Truck manufactured in 2017. The purchase price of the vehicle is $60,000 – $70,000.

The transmission system of the vehicle is automatic. The mileage of the vehicle is 180,000 miles. This box truck receives regular maintenance so that the engine condition is still good until now.

The suspension is utilised in the form of Air so that it can reduce vibration from potholes or uneven roads. The truck is also equipped with a lift gate. The exterior colour of the box truck is yellow.

The interior of the vehicle is grey. The features available in the truck are air conditioning and radio. Driver. The cabin space is quite spacious.

You have known some references of the 26 ft box truck. If you still have many questions, you can discuss with us further.

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