Chipper Truck for Sale in GA
Chipper Truck for Sale in GA

Best Buying a Chipper Truck for Sale in GA!

You need a truck with a large storage volume. Then you need a chipper truck. Buying a chipper truck for sale in GA has many advantages at

Best Buying a Chipper Truck for Sale in GA

Chipper Truck for Sale in GA
Chipper Truck for Sale in GA

The purchase price you can get is more affordable because the truck is used. All of the machines are in good condition, so they can be used to fulfill your transport needs. The brands we offer are also well-known brands.

Buyers will find it easy to replace spare parts as well. It’s just that to buy a used vehicle you have to be more careful, especially about the specifications. Take a moment to study the specifications of the various chipper trucks.

List of Chipper Trucks for Sale in GA

All of the chipper trucks we offer are under $53,000. These prices are perfect for buyers who are on a tight budget. You can see some of these chipper trucks below.

  1. Ford F-750 Chipper Truck

Ford is known as a reliable automotive company in producing heavy vehicles, such as chipper trucks. One of its quality series is the Ford F-750 which you can now get for $52,000. This truck is a 2010 release.

The mileage of this Ford F-750 has reached more than 54,000 miles. The engine is a 6.7L Pre Def and is made by Cummins. The transmission system of the vehicle is manual with 6 types of acceleration.

The GVWR of the vehicle is 25,999. The length of the truck is 12 ft. The width and height dimensions of the truck are 8 ft and 5 ft.

The truck has storage compartments and good-condition tires. Buyers can immediately use this truck because it has complete official papers. You can check the authenticity of the papers through the internet and when you see the condition of the vehicle directly.

  1. International 4400 Chipper Truck

This vehicle was produced by International in 2008. The mileage of the vehicle often does not reach 90,000 miles. The purchase price of the International 4400 Chipper Truck is DT466 Turbo Diesel.

The engine has enough power to drive a truck with a GVWR of 33,000. The inbuilt features of the truck include heat, air conditioning, and radio. All of these features greatly support the comfort of drivers and passengers while driving.

The braking system of the truck has applied air brakes. There are many storage boxes for storing equipment. All the tires of this International 4400 chipper truck are good.

Meanwhile, the transmission system installed is automatic. This transmission has applied Allison technology. The truck is also equipped with brush guards and strobe lights.

  1. GMC C5500 Chipper Truck

We will also discuss the GMC chipper truck in 2008. You can buy this truck with the C5500 series for $39,000 – $40,000. The vehicle has traveled a considerable distance of about 106,000 miles.

The exterior of the vehicle is white with a grey interior. The vehicle also comes with full documentation so that the buyer can use it on the road. The engine model installed is a 6.6L Duramax Turbo Diesel.

The transmission system installed is automatic. The truck itself is a medium-duty truck with a length of 10 ft. The drivetrain of the GMC C5500 Chipper Truck is 4×2.

While the vibration-dampening suspension system is Spring. Many medium-duty vehicles also use Spring suspense. The GVWR of this vehicle is 19,500 so it does not require a CDL at all.

There are many options to buy a chipper truck. Make sure you choose a truck that suits your needs to increase productivity.

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