Chipper Truck for Sale in Ohio
Chipper Truck for Sale in Ohio

Best Chipper Truck for Sale in Ohio!

You need a chipper truck to transport your wood chipper. We recommend you buy a chipper truck for sale in Ohio. The price of this vehicle is more affordable because it is used at

Best Chipper Truck for Sale in Ohio

Chipper Truck for Sale in Ohio
Chipper Truck for Sale in Ohio

Chipper trucks are very useful for making tree transport easier and providing an environmentally friendly disposal process. The trucks themselves are available in many series. Each series has its specifications and comes from a different brand.

Buyers should certainly study the information in detail. However, the information will be useful when you need to consider the purchase. You can see what the chipper truck series are below.

List of Chipper Trucks for Sale in Ohio

New chipper trucks are priced above $80,000. This price is quite expensive, especially when we are in the midst of world economic uncertainty. For those of you who are interested in buying this truck in used condition, you can see the information below.

  1. Ford Chipper Box Truck F750

This vehicle has a purchase price of around $61,000 to $63,000. The truck falls into the heavy-duty truck category produced in 2010. The engine uses the ISB model made by Cummins, which is known for its durability and power.

The engine requires fuel that can produce more than 240 HP. The transmission system of the vehicle is manual with 6 types of acceleration. The front axle is 12,000 and the rear axle is 21,000.

The braking system of the Ford F750 is electric or hydraulic brakes. Meanwhile, the suspension system of the vehicle utilizes Spring which works well in dampening vibrations in the heavy-duty truck category.

The mileage of the vehicle has reached more than 4,000 miles. You can use the truck for agriculture as well. The exterior of the vehicle is yellowish orange and the interior is grey.

  1. Freightliner Business Class M2 106

We would recommend another alternative to the chipper truck. The truck was made by Freightliner in 2009. The truck has complete papers so you can use them immediately after completing the payment.

The engine component uses the ISB Cummins model which is capable of producing 240 HP of diesel power. While the transmission system is Allison Automatic which has 5 types of acceleration. Front axle 10,000 and rear axle 19,000.

The vibration-damping suspension system is Spring. The driver can brake the vehicle because the truck has been equipped with Air Brake. The vehicle has several features, such as Cruise Control, Heated Mirrors, Radio, and also Engine Heater Plug.

The fuel storage tank is made of aluminum. The purchase price of this truck is in the range of $43,000 to $46,000. The truck falls into the medium-duty truck category with Class 8.

  1. Sterling Chipper Box Truck Acterra

If you have a tight budget and no more than $30,000, then we recommend this Sterling brand truck. The price tag of the chipper truck only ranges from $28,000 to $30,000. The mileage of the vehicle is generally more than 200,000 miles.

The engine model used by the vehicle is 6.4L with 6 cylinders. This engine requires diesel fuel to power the components of the vehicle. The engine is made by Mercedez Benz which is capable of producing fuel with a power of 190 HP.

The transmission system of the vehicle is manual with 5 types of acceleration. The suspension of this Sterling vehicle is a spring that can dampen vibrations for trucks with a GVW of 25,500.

Now you know some alternatives for chipper trucks. If you are interested further please contact us.

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