Fire Truck
Fire Truck

Best Fire Truck Toys for Christmas Gift 2022

Fire truck toy have been one of the most nostalgic toys we all have. With so many new models, you might want to grab some for Christmas present this year from

Holiday vibe is in the air as we are few days closer to Christmas. As Christmas is approaching, you might wonder what kind of special Christmas presents you can give to your kids, nephew, or niece. Just an idea, you can give them a fire truck toy. A toy fire truck was probably something that the majority of us owned. They are one of those classic toys that are enjoyed by both boys and girls for decades.

Best Fire Truck Toys for Christmas Gift 2022

Fire Truck
Fire Truck

Today’s fire truck toys, however, come in a variety of forms, dimensions, and degrees of sophistication, not just for various age groups but also for diverse purposes. Therefore, you may find a fire engine to aid you, whether your goal is to improve your child’s coordination abilities, to hone their imagination skills, or simply to introduce them to firefighter profession. Or maybe, just maybe, you’d love to introduce them to some popular fire truck toy, such as paw patrol fire truck. Here are some of the best fire truck toys for your kids.

Lego City Ladder Truck

Lego City Ladder Truck
Lego City Ladder Truck

Lego City Ladder Truck is one of the best LEGO set out there for children age 5 and older. This lego fire truck, might be your kid’s first masterpiece. It includes 214 pieces that will provide lots of fun and definitely entertain kids who love challenges. Or, it can also complete your LEGO collections.

Your children can assemble the lego fire truck under your supervision. Or, you can also jump in and join the fun with them. You know, it can be a great way to bond with your children. The ladder can be extended and turned after assembly. Additionally, the hose can be untangled and fastened to the actors. Two figurines of firefighters and fake fire are included in the set.

Prextex RC Car Fire Trucks


Looking for a realistic fire trucks toy with fire truck siren? Then, this one toy is what you’re looking for. Pretex RC Car Fire Truck is a remote controlled fire truck made for kids age above 36 months. Your child can reverse and forward-drive the truck using a straightforward, user-friendly remote control. Of course, you’ll have to teach them first. But, with easy navigation they’ll be able to master it in no time.

The 14-inch-long fire truck’s driver is a plastic fire truck toy. You have been forewarned! The truck also makes honking noises and flashes its fire truck siren. Pushing the red button inside the fire truck gives you the option of turning the sound on and off as well.

Vebo Motorized Fire Truck


The Vebo fire trucks is intricately designed to closely resemble a real fire truck. The ladder on top of the vehicle may be turned to simulate a real rescue operation. Your toddler can press the buttons to make the truck move forward because it is made for children ages two and older. Thanks to the AA batteries already included inside, it also produces engine and rescue sounds in addition to music.

KidKraft Fire Station Set

KidKraft Fire Station Set
KidKraft Fire Station Set

If your kid enjoys pretend play, this set might help them build a firefighting-themed fantasy world. Firefighters, a fire engine, a kitchen set, and a helicopter are among the 15 pieces of the all-wood set. By flinging open and shut the garage doors, your youngster may park the vehicle within the fire station. Additionally, it can be rotated independently to “react” as necessary. The fire engine can roll on any surface when unattended thanks to its tough tires. intended for children three and older.

Green Toys Fire Truck

A secure and age-appropriate method to introduce fire trucks to your infant is with this vehicle. It is free of dangerous substances, such as phthalates, BPA, and PVC, and is made for children ages one and older. Additionally, it complies with FDA food guidelines, so your youngster won’t be able to lick it.

Three ladders are included with the truck, the top one of which can rotate 360 degrees and two of which are detachable. Your baby may easily push and carry it around because it weighs only 1.4 pounds. You can keep it sanitized and germ-free because it is dishwasher safe.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Fire Truck

Melissa & Doug Wooden Fire Truck
Melissa & Doug Wooden Fire Truck

If you prefer to keep your children from chemical substances risk, then go for the classic fire truck. Melissa & Doug fire truck toy is made of high-quality wood materials, which is completely safe for your children. It also consist of 3 brave wooden firemen for your children to play with. A lifting ladder that your child can maneuver freely is mounted on the rear of the vehicle. They can extend a yellow hose in the front area to act as though there is a fire. This truck, which is intended for kids aged three to five, may teach your youngster to count with figurines and engage in imaginative play.

Manhattan Toy Fire Truck


Some older infants will contentedly play with toys while sitting on the floor. This toy might be a terrific method to keep your youngster busy if they enjoy playing while they are sitting still. This fire engine toy is made for secure, active play. To improve your child’s coordination, this set also includes a firefighter, extinguisher, axe, fire, fire hydrant, and water hose in addition to the firetruck.

Top Race Take Apart Fire Truck


This fire truck toy will inspire young engineers. Your child may practice building the fire truck with the power tool construction kit, which is recommended for children ages three and up. Four AA batteries (not included) power the power drill and the transmitter, while another set of batteries power the automobile. Tighten the loose parts before assembling the fire vehicle. There are 54 pieces in this kit. It’s probably quite similar with paw patrol fire truck.

Funerica Toy Fire Truck

The last one on the list is Funerica toy fire truck. This fire truck toy can keep your child entertained for hours if they enjoy investigating how things work. Although the truck is only 10 inches long, it features an extensible ladder that can reach almost twice as far. In addition, the ladder rotates 360 degrees, making it quite close with the real fire truck.

Kids who enjoy noise and light will enjoy the fire truck‘s four realistic sounds and flashing lights. Additionally, it includes five figurines of firefighters so that your child can play with their buddies. Suitable for those three years old and older.


So, now you know what Christmas present you’re going to get for your children. Be sure to check on each fire truck’s price and specs before making a purchase. Have a merry christmas and happy holiday to you!

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