Food Truck for Sale in Missouri
Food Truck for Sale in Missouri

Best Food Truck for Sale in Missouri!

Selling food through trucks is a trend. You can give shoppers a different experience by buying food trucks for sale in Missouri. The specifications, equipment, and appearance of each truck are different at!

Best Food Truck for Sale in Missouri

Food Truck for Sale in Missouri
Food Truck for Sale in Missouri

You can choose a truck based on price. Make sure you consider several alternatives before buying because the food trucks we offer are in used condition. Later you can use the truck for various kinds of food sales.

Even the cabin can be used by several people. This allows you and your colleagues to create a food truck restaurant that is in demand. Let’s talk about some of the truck specifications right away.

List of Food Trucks for Sale in Missouri

All of the food trucks we offer have official VINs. You can check the validity of the VIN via the internet. What are the vehicle series you can check below.

  1. Chevrolet Workhorse Step Van All-Purpose Food Truck

This car was produced by Chevrolet in 2007. The dimensions of the vehicle are long enough to be able to load a lot of various equipment. This vehicle itself has travelled more than miles.

The model of the food truck is a workhorse Step Van Food Truck. Some features of the vehicle are Air Conditioning (AC), Concession Window, and Exterior Customer Counter: Fold down. The power supply part uses 2 Propane Tank(s).

You can also store food in a special fridge. The refrigerator is 2 in number and has a large capacity. Then we will discuss about Kitchen Equipment in the form of Exhaust Hood: 12′.

The kitchen is also equipped with Pro Fire Supression System. The truck already uses electricity in the form of Electrical Outlets. While the plumbing part is hand-washing sink and triple sink.

There are also other equipment such as automatic transmission and gas engine. Are you interested in owning this used vehicle? Just spend $63,000.

  1. Isuzu NPR HD Loaded Turnkey Pizza Catering

You’re pretty good at making pizza and planning to open a pizza food truck. We would recommend you to buy this Isuzu NPR HD Loaded Turnkey Pizza Catering manufactured in 2016. The purchase price of the truck is $149,000.

The truck has many features that can support the process of selling food. Some of the features include 2 Propane Tanks with 100 Lb each and shore power cord. You can also store food items in the 2-door freezer or refrigerator.

For example, if you want to store raw meat then it is not a problem to do it in the freezer. While mozzarella and others can be stored in the fridge. The truck also has other cooking equipment, such as a burner, two double deck castle pizza ovens, fryer, warming cabinet, and microwave.

The electricity is also complete as there is exterior lighting, interior lighting, and a breaker panel. In addition, you can use other equipment, such as a 40-inch TV and stereo system. You can call the name of the customer whose order is completed.

  1. Chevrolet P30 Inspected Food Vending Truck

This used food truck was produced in 2020. The price of the truck is not as expensive as Isuzu trucks because the dimensions are not as long as Isuzu. The purchase price of this used truck made by Chevrolet is $55,000.

The odometer is at over 80,000 miles. The features of the vehicle are AC, Concession Window, insulated walls, Spare Tire, and Concession Window. Then there are features related to power supply in the form of 2 Propane Tanks.

There is quite a lot of information that we provide regarding used food trucks. Apart from these two trucks we have many other alternatives.

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