lunch trucks for sale in NJ
lunch trucks for sale in NJ

Best Lunch Truck for Sale in NJ!

You live in the New Jersey area and want to open an additional culinary business. Why not try opening a lunch truck so you don’t have to rent a room. You can buy lunch trucks for sale in NJ with our service at!

Best Lunch Truck for Sale in NJ

lunch trucks for sale in NJ
lunch trucks for sale in NJ

The trucks we offer are used vehicles with good engine performance. Even in the truck there is also complete equipment so that you can immediately use it to sell. The purchase price of the trucks also varies, allowing you to buy a truck that suits your budget.

The majority of lunch truck brands are also well-known. You will easily find spare parts when you need to replace them. Take a moment to study some of our explanations. We will detail the specifications and other information below.

List of Lunch Trucks for Sale in NJ

In this explanation, we will tell you two variants of trucks that are often used to sell food. The two brands are Ford and Chevrolet. You can see a more detailed explanation below.

1.Chevrolet All Purpose Food Truck

This lunch truck is sold by its owner in the New Jersey area. The vehicle was manufactured by Chevrolet in 1999. The maintenance history of the vehicle is good because maintenance is carried out regularly.

Even the mileage of this vehicle is not more than 4,000 miles. The purchase price of the truck is around $48,000 – $50,000. There are many features that you can take advantage of, such as Concession Window, cabinet, stainless steel wall, and diamond plated aluminium floor.

Apart from these features, the owner will also get some equipment inside the truck. Some of the equipment includes a refrigerator, generator, fryer, flatgrill, steam table, exhaust hood, and gas engine.

The electrical part is also complete. You can switch on the interior lighting to sell at night. Quite an interesting offer that you can consider carefully.

  1. Ford Transit High Roof

We will also explain about the lunch truck variant released by Ford. You can sell various food businesses using this truck. You can even sell ice menus.

This vehicle was released by Ford in 2016. The purchase price of the Ford Transit High Roof ranges from $40,000 to $55,000. The mileage of this vehicle is less than 30,000 miles. The electrical and gas parts are available so the owner can use it right away.

The inbuilt features of the vehicle are air conditioning, concession windows, and special flooring. The power supply includes a 100lb Propane Tank and a Predator 4375 generator. In addition, there is also a refrigerator in the vehicle.

You can store many raw or semi-finished ingredients in it. Cooking devices are also available, such as a microwave, flatgrill, and fryer. The kitchen also has a fire suppression system and exhaust hood.

  1. Ford F59 Step Van Street Food Truck

This vehicle was manufactured by Ford in 2017. The vehicle has only travelled 9,000 miles. There are quite a lot of features that you can utilise.

Examples of the vehicle’s features are air conditioning, cabinet, backup camera, and concession window for selling. The vehicle’s supply is also quite complete as it has a 5500 cummins generator and propane tank.

Other equipment available in it are a freezer, refrigerator, pre station cooler, oven, and flatgrill. You can create many menus by utilising these features.

The information we have conveyed is quite complete, isn’t it. If you still have many questions or are looking for other alternatives, please consult with us. We will provide the information you need.

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