Semi Truck for Sale in Minnesota
Semi Truck for Sale in Minnesota

Best Semi Truck for Sale in Minnesota

You need a semi truck at a low price. Just buy a semi truck for sale in Minnesota. But before deciding to buy one, you know the types of these vehicles!

Basically, semi tucks are divided into 6 types. Each type has a different function. We will explain what the differences are in this opportunity.

Semi Truck for Sale in Minnesota, Read This Information

Semi Truck for Sale in Minnesota
Semi Truck for Sale in Minnesota

Hopefully, you can choose the right semi truck according to your needs. Let’s start the discussion related to this vehicle.

  1. Flat Roof Sleeper, Semi Truck for Sale in Minnesota

The first type is a flat roof sleeper that has a sleeping compartment for the driver. This large space for resting contributes to the slightly higher price compared to other types.

This vehicle is suitable for long-distance travel because it allows the driver to rest like in a bed. No wonder used flat roof sleepers have an average price that is slightly more expensive than other types of used semi trucks.

Some series of flat roof sleepers are the Kenworth Adds 52-inch Flat Roof Sleeper and the Volvo VNR 400 42-inch. Both have a body appearance that has received a modern touch so that it looks quite cool and can be used to pull quite a lot of cargo.

  1. Mid Roof Sleeper

The second type of semi truck is the Mid Roof Sleeper. This vehicle can fit a mattress and various compartments for storing goods. You can even use it to install a TV.

The Mid Roof Sleeper has a significant difference in the roof which is rounded and higher than the flat roof sleeper. All of these spaces and facilities allow drivers to rest optimally during break times.

Mid Roof Sleeper is also suitable for traveling to areas that are quite far away. Examples of Mid Roof Sleepers are the 76-inch Kenworth Launches, Kenworth T680, and International LT625 A26. Each of these semi trucks offers different features.

  1. Raised Roof Sleeper

We will also discuss the third type of Raised Roof Sleeper. This semi truck offers a storage tower located on the side. There is also up to 18 inches of space compared to the Mid Roof Sleeper.

An example of this type of semi truck produced in 2020 is the Freightliner Cascadia Raised Roof Sleeper. The price of this vehicle in used condition varies from $50,000 to $80,000. The better the condition of the semi truck, the more expensive it will be.

If you are interested in buying a Raised Roof Sleeper, it is important to check the mileage. Try to find a semi truck with a mileage of less than 800,000 miles.

  1. Day Cab

This fourth type is called Day Cab. Drivers only need to drive the vehicle during the daytime. No need to drive all day or for days.

This type is only suitable to be operated in the city so that the driver does not need to stay overnight in the truck. The size of the Day Cab is much smaller than the previous semi truck. The price is relatively cheaper too.

It’s just that the space for the driver is small. It is not possible to sleep in the truck. Examples of used Day Cabs that are widely circulated are 2015 Freightliner Cascadia and Western Star.

  1. Slope-Nosed Truck

You should also know the last type of semi truck called Slope-Nosed Truck. The vehicle is shorter and curved at the front. The payload that can be loaded into it is also quite a lot.

This vehicle is suitable for driving over bumpy roads. An example of this type is the WAR 16-Slope Nose.

You already know several types of semi trucks. Choose the truck that suits your needs to support your productivity.

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