Tow Trucks for Sale in Florida
Tow Trucks for Sale in Florida

Best Tow Trucks for Sale in Florida!

Owners of large repair shops will usually provide Tow Trucks for Sale in Florida services as well. If you are also a workshop owner, you can open a towing car service. Simply start by buying a tow truck for sale in Florida at!

Buying a used truck can save you money as long as the truck you choose is still of high quality. In addition to learning about the specifications of the required tow truck, you should also understand what types are.

Choose the type that best suits the needs of towing a client’s vehicle. If you don’t understand the types of tow trucks, you can read our explanation until the end.

Various Types of Tow Trucks for Sale in Florida

Tow Trucks for Sale in Florida
Tow Trucks for Sale in Florida

Tow trucks have many types depending on their use. The larger the vehicle to be towed, the higher the capacity of the tow truck. The price of such vehicles will usually be more expensive.

But those of you who buy it used can save a little. It’s just that you need to choose carefully so that you get a used tow truck that still has good performance. Let’s see an explanation of the various types of tow trucks.

  1. Rollback Tow Truck or Flatbed

This type of vehicle has a large empty part to raise the vehicle at the back. It’s perfect for towing a stalled car to a repair shop. The towing engine is equipped with hydraulics to allow the transportation of stalled vehicles to the flatbed.

This type of tow truck is capable of towing vehicles that are larger than the flatbed section. The driver of the tow truck only needs to connect the stuck vehicle with the chain to the towing part.

Most workshops use this type of tow truck because of its easy operating system. This type of vehicle is suitable for transporting accident and damaged cars on the road.

  1. Wheel Lift Tow Truck

The next type has a working system of transporting the vehicle parts to the truck body and the other part touching the road. It can be used to transport cars that are not badly damaged to the repair shop.

This part of the tow truck uses a metal yoke to lock the towed car. The machine used to transport the car is a pneumatic hoist. The rest of the tow truck driver only needs to drive to the repair shop.

Wheel lift tow trucks are only suitable for transporting vehicles that are not too heavy. Transporting heavy vehicles can cause damage to the metal yokes. In addition, it cannot be used to transport damaged vehicles over long distances.

  1. Integrated Tow Truck

You should also know the type of the next tow truck which is an integrated tow truck. This type of truck is used to transport heavy vehicles. Large vehicles that can be transported by this type are buses and rigs.

To tow large vehicles, this tow truck utilizes a hook. You are usually quite familiar with this type of vehicle because it is often used to tow vehicles that do illegal parking.

This truck is stronger and more stable than the previous two types of tow trucks. However, the used price of this vehicle is more expensive. This tow truck driver also does not need to leave the vehicle when connecting the carrier to the part of the vehicle that needs to be towed.

Make sure you choose the right type of tow truck based on the type of vehicle you want to tow. If most of the vehicles to be towed are private cars only then choose a wheel lift tow truck or flatbed tow truck. Both types of tow trucks can be purchased and used at very affordable prices.

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