Truck for Sale by Owner in California
Truck for Sale by Owner in California

Best Truck for Sale by Owner in California!

Knowing the types of trucks for freight transport entrepreneurs or expeditions is of course a must. The various types of trucks on the market certainly have their own criteria and designations, including trucks for sale by owner in California at!

Best Truck for Sale by Owner in California

Truck for Sale by Owner in California
Truck for Sale by Owner in California

Mistakes in determining the type of truck can certainly have a negative impact on the sustainability of the goods delivery transport business that you manage. This is because it is related to the cost and time efficiency that plays an important role in the delivery transport business.

To be able to determine the right type of truck that you will use for your expedition business, you must first be able to map out what kind of truck specifications are needed to be able to accommodate all these goods delivery needs, including trucks for sale by owner in California.

Moreover, truck manufacturers in the country also present quite a number of truck types with their own advantages and disadvantages. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each type of truck from different manufacturers is important when you want to buy a truck unit, either new or used.

 5 Truck for Sale by Owner in California Suitable for Freight Transport Businesses

There are at least 5 types of trucks that are suitable for your freight transport business. All of these types of trucks have their own specifications and uses, depending on how big, how many, and also the volume of goods to be delivered, including truck units for sale by their owners in California.

  1. Colt Diesel Engel (CDE) Trucks

The first type is the Colt Diesel Engkel (CDE) truck or more familiarly known as an ankle truck. An ankle truck is a truck that has a 2-wheel axis and has 4 wheels. This crank truck has a load capacity of up to 2 tonnes which is very suitable for the expedition of light goods and packages.

  1. Colt Diesel Double (CDD) Truck

The second type is the Colt Diesel Double (CDD) Truck or what is more famous as a canter truck is similar to an ankle truck. It’s just that CDD trucks are bigger and also have 2 axes with 6 wheels, where the rear wheels are double. The maximum capacity is 4 tonnes.

CDD trucks, including trucks for sale by their owners in California, can not only be used as armana to deliver packages, but can also be used as garbage trucks, and also material transport trucks.

  1. Fuso Truck

If you think the CDD truck is still not big enough to transport the goods you want to deliver. Similar to CDD, fuso trucks also have 2 axes with 6 wheels with a larger size. This fuso truck can carry a maximum load of up to 7 tonnes.

  1. Tronton Truck

You could say that the tronton truck is the brother of the fuso truck. Tronton trucks have 3 axes with 10 wheels. One axis is at the front, while two axes are at the back with double tyres or if configured to be 2 – 4 – 4. This tronton truck is suitable for use as heavy transport because it has the ability to carry up to 10 tonnes, including trucks for sale by their owners in California.

  1. Wing box truck

Apart from tronton trucks, wing box trucks are also a favourite fleet of expedition entrepreneurs. This is because wing box trucks have the highest level of flexibility when compared to other types of trucks. This flexibility will simplify the loading and unloading process of goods, which in turn will reduce costs.

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