Big Truck Accident Lawyer Related to Alcohol & Drug

Big Truck Accident Lawyer Typestrucks.Com Alcohol and drug abuse could also be a drag on the roads by the driver of commercial semi-tractor, though driving a truck under the influence are more severe. That’s why, you need a big truck accident lawyer to make anything clear.

The size and weight of trucks made them capable of doing catastrophic injury to other vehicles during collisions and accidents. Since truck travel in congested fast-moving traffic, these crashes can involve multiple victims. For this, you are recommended to hire semi truck accident lawyer near me.

Unfortunately, the justice system and the method which truck companies are screening drivers fail to provide the justice and compensation that their families deserve because they have much more money to win the case by hiring the best big truck accident lawyer.

Big Truck Accident Lawyer

Drug and Alcohol could lead to Serious Accidents

Big Truck Accident Lawyer

While it’s considered to be a criminal offense to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, many truck drivers can find legal loopholes that allow them to drive again since their company are able to hire a professional big truck accident lawyer for their case.

It is up to trucking companies to screen their employees and avoid to hire some drivers who have histories of driving under the influence. Your commercial accident lawyer will make sure if this the case.

Currently, almost 5% of truck accidents involve a driver under the influence of banned substances, and an extra 4% include drivers with blood alcohol concentrations over 0,8%. Your semi truck lawyers near me will investigate this.

Even the consumption of alcohol in smaller amounts, it’s affecting on the driver to react quickly and to make good decisions. Even a blood alcohol at 0,4%, drivers have shown delayed reaction times and an increase in reckless behaviors. To get the fact, your commercial vehicle accident lawyers will coordinate with the expert.

Trucking companies could drastically reduce the quantity of incidents on the road involving drugs and alcohol by refusing to rent drivers who have had denied to perform random drug and alcohol screenings. This can be evidence of the case for big truck accident lawyer.

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Liability during a Truck Accident Involving a Driver

Big Truck Accident Lawyer

While it is the responsibility of the driver to follow the law and operate the vehicle with a secure manner that does not endanger others, it is also the responsibility of the employer to take a preventive action to make sure drivers aren’t operating under the influence.

By a big truck accident lawyer, criminal charges often fall for the driver due to operate commercial vehicles under the substance. Therefore, many victims and their families seek financial claim not only to compensate the medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering; but also how to punish the driver for the reckless and negligent actions.

In addition, trucking companies themselves could even be held liable for the actions of their drivers and for knowingly employing drivers who have histories of involvement in accidents under drugs or alcohol. Hiring the best commercial truck accident lawyers will make everything remains under control.

If the driver has been caught under the influence in the past, there is a stronger case to be made by your Tampa truck accident lawyer for holding the responsible actions when drinking resulting in debilitating injuries.

Contact the trucking lawyers to schedule a free consultation with knowledgeable truck accident attorney to gauge the process your case, answer any questions that you simply have about your legal options, and perform an investigation to determine whether you’ve a case against the company for your injuries.

A big truck accident lawyer understand that you simply have plenty to worry about already, so that they’re not going to ask any payment upfront, until they’re able to secure compensation on your behalf.


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