bucket trucks for sale
bucket trucks for sale

Best Bucket Trucks for Sale U Need Know!

What to look for when you’re searching for bucket trucks for sale? It can get overwhelmed to find the right one, but we’ve got your back!

Bucket trucks have been used in various industries, from construction industry to mining industry. This truck is used to perform several difficult tasks that can’t be done using manpower or other vehicles. Today, bucket trucks for sale come in various shapes and functionality. Finding the ideal model to buy or rent, though, can be challenging given the abundance of options. Will the vehicle function effectively in your field? Are the appropriate accessories included?

Finding the right bucket trucks will help you a lot in your business. If you’re a bit tight on budget, looking for used bucket trucks for sale might be the best choice. Especially, it’s now much easier to find used bucket trucks for sale near me using sites like Craiglist and many more. But before you do find out more on how to choose the right bucket trucks using our guide below typestrucks.com.

How to Find the Right Bucket Trucks for Sale

bucket trucks for sale
bucket trucks for sale

To put it simply, a bucket truck is a utility truck with a hydraulic pole (boom) and a man-carrying bucket at its end. The worker is kept safe by the bucket as the boom raises him to a working height where he can comfortably use his tools and do his job without risk. This aerial lift equipment can raise up to 2,000 pounds of weight because it is placed to a full-size truck. They provide services to businesses in the construction, tree service, electric utility, and power distribution sectors.

Looking for a right bucket trucks for sale will help to keep your productivity in its notch. Even a used bucket trucks for sale can still perform better if you know which one to look for. Below are things you must pay attention to in order to find the right bucket truck.

Recognize the Bucket Truck’s Type That Fits Your Work Field

As mentioned earlier, there are numerous types for bucket trucks for sale. They usually come with different functionality and sizes. It’s crucial to find which bucket trucks for sale near me that can accommodate your tasks. Basically, there are 4 (four) types of bucket trucks out there. There are:

  • Articulated Over-Centered
Articulated Over-Centered
Articulated Over-Centered

The boom on this type of bucket truck is situated in the middle of the vehicle. The boom that raises and extends the bucket also comes in jointed sections rather than a single solid piece. Due to the boom’s ability to be shifted to different places without relocating the truck, they are especially well suited for use in open construction or industrial situations. You can easily find this type of bucket trucks for sale near me in Craiglist.

  • Articulated Non-Over Center Bucket Truck
Articulated Non-Over Center Bucket Truck
Articulated Non-Over Center Bucket Truck

If you’re working in building maintenance and utility service field, this type of bucket truck might be suitable for you. Unlike the Articulated one, the bucket on this one is raised or lowered while the upper boom is maintained at a constant angle. As a result, the bucket doesn’t pass through the truck’s middle. It is suitable for use in convenient, fixed places with easy road access. Used bucket trucks for sale by owner for this type of heavy equipment is also quite easy to find.

  • Telescopic Articulated Bucket
Telescopic Articulated Bucket
Telescopic Articulated Bucket

The third type of bucket trucks has poor mobility. However, a telescopic articulated bucket truck can be stretched to reach great heights. Here, the external portion is layered with the boom’s extenders. As a result, the operator can extend the bucket to various lengths and angles. When there is limited space, this works better.

  • Insulated Bucket Truck
Insulated Bucket Truck
Insulated Bucket Truck

This is an electrically insulated bucket truck, as the name suggests. The operator is shielded from coming into contact with electrical lines. So, the worker’s safety is guaranteed. This is made possible by the following elements: A bucket or liner made of non-conductive material, Insulated parts between the elbow and truck chassis, as well as between the upper boom and elbow. This is appropriate for utility companies to use.

Check the Height and Style of the Platform

The platform height is an additional important factor to consider. The boom on the majority of bucket trucks can be modified to a height of between 29 and 125 feet. Make sure the platform can reach any operations that require considerable heights if you intend to perform them. Consider the platform’s design in addition to its height. Typically, bucket truck platforms are constructed to be either over- or under-centered.

The average height and horizontal movement of an over-centered platform are 55 feet and 50 feet, respectively. Compared to non-overcentered systems, it is more versatile, making it easier for the user to access distant locations. For outdoor operations that don’t require much mobility, like electrical repair, a non-overcentered platform is optimal. They lack telescopic capabilities but can turn at a 180-degree angle.

Review the Truck’s Weight and Capacity

Other thing to consider when you’re looking for used bucket trucks for sale is reviewing its weight and capacity. If a bucket truck has a high height or a long side reach, it usually won’t be able to lift much weight. The bucket truck will be unstable if you choose one that doesn’t provide the proper weight distribution.

The typical weight capacity of a bucket truck is 400–2,000 pounds. A bucket truck that can safely do this is required if you need to transport equipment to the job site. Remember that a vehicle will cost more the heavier it is. Despite this, a dense weight will give you more room and security. You can inquire more questions for used bucket trucks for sale by owner to get much clearer pictures.

Inspect the Truck’s Body Types

Steel, aluminum, and fiberglass are the three  most common body options available for bucket trucks. The ideal materials for heavy-duty work are steel and aluminum since they can resist difficult duties and won’t be readily broken if something hits the vehicle. Due to aluminum’s resistance to corrosion, your truck won’t develop unattractive rust patches.

On the other hand, because fiberglass is lightweight, it might be the best option if you need to drive the truck over long distances or up steep inclines. Additionally, it uses less fuel, making it a smart choice for people looking to reduce their fuel expenses.

So, that’s all you need to know when you’re looking for a bucket trucks for sale. It’s always best to compare prices first before making a purchase. That way, you’ll get to purchase the best bucket truck with best price. Hopefully, you’ll find our guide helpful!

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