Buy 26 Ft Box Truck for Sale in Houston
Buy 26 Ft Box Truck for Sale in Houston

Buy 26 Ft Box Truck for Sale in Houston!

Transporting products from the industry is often done using box trucks. These trucks come in various lengths, including 26 ft. You intend to buy a 26 ft box truck for sale in Houston at!

Buy 26 Ft Box Truck for Sale in Houston!

Buy 26 Ft Box Truck for Sale in Houston
Buy 26 Ft Box Truck for Sale in Houston

The truck is also available in used condition. You don’t have to buy it now because the price is sometimes still very expensive. You have to calculate how long you will use it as well as the profit from one delivery of the product.

You can’t expect the exterior of a used truck to be as smooth as a new vehicle. You will definitely find some minor scratches on the exterior that can still be tolerated.

The overall engine of the box truck is in good condition. A VIN is also available for each vehicle. Buyers will be able to use it immediately after making the payment.

List of 26 Ft Box Truck for Sale in Houston

You are determined to buy a used truck with a length dimension of 26 ft. Try to choose from well-known brands so that the process of reselling or repairing spare parts is easy. What is the list of trucks you can see directly?

  1. International 4300

The first used truck vehicle that we will discuss is a 2018 production. You can say that this vehicle is quite young so it is likely that the engine condition is good. The engine itself applies the B 6.7 model made by Cummins.

The engine made by Cummins is also known for its quality so it is durable. This engine is reportedly capable of producing component propulsion of up to 240 HP. You can transport products in the light-duty category with the truck.

The transmission system uses Allison technology type 2100RDS. The suspension type is Spring so it can reduce vibration quite well. The transmission system has quite a lot of acceleration types, namely 6 types.

In addition, the box part of the vehicle is made of aluminum and is equipped with a liftgate. Interested in buying it? You just need to prepare a budget that ranges from $47,000 – $50,000.

  1. Isuzu 26 Ft Box Truck

This truck is made by Isuzu from Japan. The year of release of the truck is in the range of $11,000 to $13,000. The exterior of the vehicle is white with a black interior.

The fuel type of the engine is diesel. The mileage of the vehicle is more than 300,000 miles. However, the mileage is still below 310,000 miles.

The top speed of the vehicle is 140 km/h. Features such as air conditioning are still functioning properly.

  1. Freightliner M2 106 Box Van Truck

This truck was manufactured by Freightliner in 2015. The vehicle has a quality engine because it is made by Cummins. Not only equipped with a quality engine, but the vehicle also has a valid VIN.

You can check the VIN on the internet. Then we move on to discuss the transmission system. The transmission system installed is automatic.

The goods storage capacity of the truck is also quite large. You can use this truck to deliver light to medium-duty goods. It’s just that you still need to know the maximum loading limit so as not to dent the chassis.

Interested in buying a vehicle made by Freightliner? You only need to prepare funds in the range of $34,000 to $36,000.

Have you found the 26 ft box truck of your dreams? You can find out more information by consulting us.  We have even more alternative information about such sized box trucks.

We will provide you with more information through a consultation. The consultation itself can be done online or offline.

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