Buy Truck Caps for Sale in Michigan!

Basically, a regular truck can be transformed into a closed back with caps. This allows you to store items without fear of getting wet in the back of your pickup. You who are interested in buying truck caps for sale in Michigan can do so from our service at

Buy Truck Caps for Sale in Michigan!

Truck Caps for Sale in Michigan
Truck Caps for Sale in Michigan

The caps are generally made of aluminum or fiberglass so they are resistant to weather changes. It’s just that if you intend to buy a used cap, you need to understand that each car has different dimensions and this affects its compatibility with certain caps.

You can’t just choose a stamp that is the right size for your vehicle. Later we will explain in more detail about each stamp. Let’s start with the explanation below.

List of Truck Caps for Sale in Michigan

You have to understand that truck caps often have specific colors depending on the vehicle they belong to. No wonder finding a cap for your truck is something that requires extra patience. Some references for caps can be found below.

  1. Fiberglass Truck Cap White Ford

This cap is made of fiberglass and can be fitted to Fords from 1987 to 1996. The color of the caps is white so it is neutral to the various exteriors of Ford trucks. However, we recommend that this cap is suitable for the Ford F-150.

Then there is also a front picture window on the cap. The condition of the cap is quite good with only a few scratches. The height of the cap is also suitable for Ford trucks in that year.

This caps component is also equipped with dual t-handles. You who are interested in buying these caps can consult with us first.

  1. Ford F150 6.5′ Short Bed

Those of you who have an old-school Ford F-150 truck released from 1970-1996 can use these caps. The design part of the cap matches the overall design of Ford trucks released in those years. The color of these caps is E4 Red.

The caps are made of fiberglass so they have good weather resistance. The caps are equipped with a front slider window and single t-handles. The caps also have a height that matches the design of the ford.

The condition of the caps is also still good, especially on the glass. If there are scratches, they are only minor and can be repaired. Those of you who are interested in these caps can contact us directly.

  1. Ford F-150 1997 – 2003

Your Ford F-150 truck is from 1997 to 2003. We advise you not to use the caps that were released in 1996. We recommend you choose this one because it is suitable for the design of Ford F-150 vehicles released from 1997 to 2003.

The bend design part looks more dynamic. The color of the caps themselves is blue and the material of the caps is still the same fiberglass. Caps are also equipped with a front picture window and push button lock.

  1. Dodge Dakota Short Bed Caps

This truck cap is suitable for Dodge Dakota XC 6′ which was produced from 2005 to 2011. The color of the caps is white and made of fiberglass. The vehicle has a more modern design or has a dynamic bend.

Other features found on this vehicle are the Front Picture Window and side toolbox. The caps also have single t-handles.

There are quite a few references related to truck caps. For those of you who can’t find the right caps for your truck, then consult with us immediately.

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