Truck Slide In Campers for Sale
Truck Slide In Campers for Sale

Buy Truck Slide In Campers for Sale!

One type of truck campers is the slide in camper. The truck is very convenient for travelling because it provides a bed. For those of you who are interested in buying truck slide in campers for sale, you should pay attention to this information until the end at!

Buy Truck Slide In Campers for Sale

Truck Slide In Campers for Sale
Truck Slide In Campers for Sale

This truck has a small space but it is enough for some camping equipment. You can cook in the car so you don’t have to light a fire using rocks, wood, and piles of dry leaves anymore. You can really focus on enjoying the natural surroundings by using this type of campers.

It’s just that you need to know that new truck campers are quite expensive. You can save more money by buying a used truck camper. Even though this truck is used, it still has good performance.

Are you interested in finding out more about slide-in trucks? Check out our explanation until the end.

3 Used Slide In Campers Trucks for Sale

In choosing a campers truck, some of you are looking for a well-known brand. This is intended to make it easier to find spare parts. What are the famous brands including the series you can see directly below.

  1. Lance Truck Camper RV 865

This truck camper, which was produced in 2012, is made by Lance. The car is offered at a price range ranging from $18,000 – $20,000. It has a Crew cab type of cabin.

The available features are also quite complete so that it can make the driver comfortable while driving. Some of the features include Bose radio, navigation, and backup camera. The mileage of this canter truck is no more than 25,000 miles.

Not to forget, we will also discuss what equipment is in the campers. The equipment in the campers include a refrigerator, queen-size bed, flat screen TV, stove, oven, and microwave. However, we recommend that you do not bring animals or smoke in the campers.

There is also air conditioning and heating available in the campers. You can switch on one of them when the temperature changes and makes passengers uncomfortable. The gross vehicle weight of this vehicle is 2,297.

  1. Livin’ Lite Truck Camper RV

This truck camper is a 2014 production. The purchase price of the vehicle is around $22,000 – $25,000. The facilities available in the truck camper are quite complete.

Examples of facilities from the truck are Queen size bed, Pow2,85er slide out, burner, microwave, gas heater, air conditioner, and others. You can even watch TV in the campers. Electricity available in the campers is also quite complete.

The GVW of the vehicle is 2,850. Inside there is also a sink equipped with 30. The entire truck has a valid VIN.

  1. Eagle Cap Truck Camper RV 1165

These truck campers are equipped with heating and air conditioning. The purchase price of the Eagle Cap Truck Camper RV 1165 ranges from $52,000 – $60,000. The length dimension of the truck is 21.

Inside, there are already 2 seats. Then there are cabinets and drawers to store clothes. After that, you can also use the sink and toilet inside.

No need to bother looking for a bathroom because it is available inside the camper. You can also take a shower. The shower part can be controlled to be hot.

You already know some examples of slide-in truck campers. If you would like a consultation, please contact us. We also offer a wide variety of other slide in truck campers.

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