Water Truck for Sale in California
Water Truck for Sale in California

Buying a Water Truck for Sale in California!

We will also talk about water trucks for sale in California. Most of the vehicles for sale are in used condition. However, the performance of the vehicle is still very good at typestrucks.com!

Buying a Water Truck for Sale in California

Water Truck for Sale in California
Water Truck for Sale in California

You can use it for various purposes. The prices offered vary so you can choose according to your needs. The features of the vehicles also vary. You should learn more information.

All of this information is intended for consideration. You also don’t need to rush in making a decision to buy. Let’s talk about a series of used water trucks right away.

List of Water Trucks for Sale in California

If you have a small budget, try to choose a water truck that was produced in 2013. These trucks have an average price range of $65,000. But if you have a bigger budget, it’s okay to choose a larger capacity truck as well.

  1. Freightliner Water Truck Cascadia 113

You want to buy a water truck that was released in an older year. Simply choose the Freightliner Water Truck Cascadia 113. The purchase price is in the range of $65,000 – $70,000.

The vehicle has a fairly large class, namely Class 8. The GVW of the vehicle starts from 33001 – 150000. Axles of the vehicle are 16 x 4. While the rear axles are 40,000 – 50,000 lbs.

You also need to know the braking system of the truck. The braking system of the truck is Air. While the transmission system of the truck is Eaton with 10 kinds of acceleration. The transmission system part is still manual.

Then you need to know various options, such as air brakes, air conditioning, and others. Air brakes are able to reduce the speed of the truck quite efficiently. The air conditioning feature allows drivers and passengers not to overheat while travelling in the hot sun.

There are also entertainment features related to AM/FM radio. In order to prevent collisions, other features are needed, such as dual airbags, and exhaust brakes as well.

  1. International Water Truck 4000

We will also talk about another water truck manufactured by International. The truck was manufactured in 2014 and has already achieved a considerable mileage. The mileage is more than 200,000 miles.

The class of the vehicle is Class 6. The GVW of the vehicle ranges from 19501 – 26000. Then for the category of the vehicle is Water Truck with diesel fuel. The engine is made by International as well with the MAXXFORCE DT engine model.

The braking system of this vehicle is Water. The braking system is able to properly reduce the speed of the vehicle steadily. Another thing we need to tell you is that this water truck comes with a valid VIN.

Are you interested in owning this water truck? Why not try to buy it as the price range of the truck is at $69,000 – $72,000.

  1. Peterbilt Water Truck 337

This vehicle has a varying mileage ranging from 20,000 – 70,000 miles. The price range on a small mileage is definitely more expensive. While the greater mileage can reach $118,000.

The engine uses a 250 HP PX-7. The engine still uses diesel fuel. The fuel tank is 50 in size.

The engine is made by PACCAR. While the transmission system installed is Allison AT Transmission.

You have known various used water trucks based on their prices and specifications. Now you can consider choosing one or want another used water truck product. If you want another water truck, then you can consult with us immediately.

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