California Truck Accident

6 Types of Potential Injuries from California Truck Accident

California Truck Accident Typestrucks.Com Let’s explore further kinds of California truck accident such as tractor trailers, diesel trucks, big rigs, semi trucks or 18 wheelers. These big trucks can cause severe injuries because they’re so massive.

In fact, a semi truck or other large truck with a trailer and a full load can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. The truck itself may weigh around 18,000 pounds, while the trailer can weigh 10,000 pounds and thus the complete load can weigh around 50,000 pounds, for a combined 78,000 pounds.

The legal weight is 80,000 pounds, or 40 tons. In some cases, oversize or overweight permits could even be issued for larger trucks and loads.

California Truck Accident

Types of Truck Accident

When heavy truck collides, the huge truck wreck is often devastating for the smaller vehicle near. The extent of 18 wheeler injuries depends not just on the weights, but also their speed and thus the type of California truck accident.

• Head-on trucking accidents

California Truck Accident

Head-on collisions in a semi truck accident California today are the deadliest kinds of California truck accident. The smaller vehicle is often crushed, and thus the victims inside are often severely injured.

Head-on semi truck accident today near me often happen due to reckless driving, also because the drivers are severely fatigued (as result of working long hours) or is having a medical issue.
The driver also could be under the influence of alcohol or other drugs or be highly distracted, perhaps by a telephone before semi truck accident Los Angeles today happens.

• Rear-end trucking accidents

California Truck Accident

This happens when one vehicle crashes into the rear of another vehicle. If it’s a huge rig slamming into the rear of a little car, the truck could literally land over the car which leads to big rig accident today.

Like head-on collisions, rear-end California truck accident is often blamed on sickness, distracted driving, severe fatigue or driving under the influence, among other things.

• Rollover trucking accidents

California Truck Accident

Large trucks are vulnerable to rollover accidents due to their height and heavy weight. This may happen when the semi teamster swerves for a couple of reason. The sudden and sharp change of direction, particularly at a high speed, can cause the truck to lean to a side and perhaps roll over.

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• Jack-knife trucking accidents

California Truck Accident

Because semi trucks haul a crucial trailer, they’re vulnerable to jack-knife truck accident today Los Angeles. These can occur when roads are slick with rain, snow or ice, but also on dry roads.

If the massive rig attempts to slow suddenly or even stop, the truck may hamper faster than the trailer, which then swings to one side or, out of control. The trailer then could hit other vehicles. A truck’s trailer also can hit the truck itself when it swings as widely as a 45-degree angle.

This kind of California truck accident is known as a jack-knife since the out-of-control trailer swinging to the side of the truck forms an L-shape or an open jack-knife.

• Tire blowouts

Tire blowouts are among the common causes of massive California truck accident. A sudden blowout by an 18-wheeler’s truck or trailer can cause the vehicle to out of control. The semi truck can strike other and causing catastrophic injuries to their drivers.

It may be determined that the trucking line didn’t maintain the vehicle properly, including its tires. Overly worn tires, when not replaced, can cause tire blowouts and a huge semi truck accident yesterday.

• Trailer load spills

A fatal semi truck accident today may involve a collision with the spilled cargo of the trailer. Such load spills can occur when the truck’s trailer isn’t properly secured and thus the load falls off, landing on the road.

There, trailer load spills threaten other vehicles. A collision with a spilled load also can cause a vehicle to bounce and veer into other vehicles. Cars also can crash when swerving to avoid a spilled load, so albeit they don’t strike the cargo, they still have a collision.

Causes of such truck load spills can include failing to secure the cargo properly, or perhaps not closing the trailer doors securely. Drivers of other vehicles aren’t responsible for such spilled loads, but can suffer horribly from California truck accident today.


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