Box Truck for Sale in Michigan
Box Truck for Sale in Michigan

Cheap Box Truck for Sale in Michigan!

Almost everything can now be found online. This is possible because of the delivery industry that utilizes box trucks. Sometimes such industries need to increase the fleet of box trucks, which can be realized by buying Box Truck for Sale in Michigan at!

Box trucks can be used to deliver any goods. Even the world of catering can also use this vehicle to deliver food to a formal event. The fact is that box trucks have many types.

Cheap Box Truck for Sale in Michigan!

Box Truck for Sale in Michigan
Box Truck for Sale in Michigan

If you intend to buy a box truck, you should at least know what types are. We will briefly explain what are the types of box trucks below.

  1. Cab Design on Box Truck for Sale in Michigan

Box trucks can be divided into two when viewed in terms of cab design. The two types are Conventional and Cab over the engine. Conventional can design has the placement of the engine on the front of the steering wheel.

While the Cab over-engine type is often called Cabover for short. The engine part of the Cabover is placed under the cab seat.

  1. Box Truck Capacity

The categorical division of box trucks can also be viewed in terms of capacity. There are also 2 categories based on capacity, namely Light Duty Box Truck and Medium Duty Box Trucks.

Light Duty Box Trucks can accommodate loads between 8,500 to more than 10,000 pounds. At first glance, you might think this truck is the same as a cargo van. This type offers an engine that is not wasteful.

The small box shape makes it easy for drivers to drive. Next, we will talk about the Medium-Duty Box Truck. These trucks have capacities that vary from 15,000 to 33,000 pounds.

You can use this truck to deliver goods from city to city. Most of these trucks are equipped with diesel engines. The body is also longer, making it possible to load more goods.

  1. Other Types of Box Trucks

Apart from the types mentioned above, box trucks also have other types. Some other types include dry vans, cube vans, dry freight, straight trucks, and others.

Dry vans also have covered storage that does not reach 48 feet in length. Most of the box trucks you see on the road are dry vans. There is a temperature control on the inside that allows the product to be delivered in a dry condition.

You can use dry vans to deliver goods when the region experiences frequent weather changes. Cube vans are a type of box truck that offers more storage than cargo vans.

Cube vans can be used to deliver objects of large dimensions and weight, such as furniture. Cube vans can be used to travel between cities. Another advantage of using cube vans is that they can be used for advertising due to their size.

We will also talk about dry freight. The meaning of dry freight itself is dry van shipping. This vehicle is more often used to deliver factory products in the form of clothing and non-perishable food.

The last type of box truck is a straight truck. Straight trucks have a length that varies from 10 to 26 feet. While straight trucks have a height between 8 and 10 feet.

You now understand about box trucks in more detail. You can choose which type is suitable. Always think carefully before buying a box truck that supports business productivity.

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