Box Truck for Sale in Oklahoma
Box Truck for Sale in Oklahoma

Cheap Box Truck for Sale in Oklahoma!

Oklahoma is a US state whose economy is dominated by commercial activities. This is why the state has become the centre of box truck sales as a means of transporting logistics. Box trucks for sale in Oklahoma are the most sought-after, because they are still in excellent condition at!

Cheap Box Truck for Sale in Oklahoma!

Box Truck for Sale in Oklahoma
Box Truck for Sale in Oklahoma

Apart from quality, another advantage of box trucks in Oklahoma is the variety of types. Buyers just need to choose a truck according to their needs and desires. Curious what types of trucks are available there! Check out the answers in the following review!

5 Types of Box Trucks for Sale in Oklahoma

Of the many, there are 5 types of box trucks that are most sought after in Oklahoma. What are they? Here’s the list!

  1. Wingbox Trucks

Logistics activities in America are always on a large scale. No wonder the box trucks that are often used are also large, wingbox trucks are one of them.

The first advantage of a wingbox truck is its huge capacity. This makes logistics activities run more efficiently.

The loading and unloading process is also much faster and more effective. Because the door access consists of 3 sides, namely the right, left, and rear doors. All of these accesses can be opened at the same time.

  1. Container Truck

Another type of truck that often travels on Oklahoma roads is the container truck. As the name implies, this truck is related to logistics containers or better known as containers.

After being unloaded from the ship, the container will be sent directly to the destination without the loading and unloading process. The goal is of course to save costs. So this truck is used as a container carrier when on land.

For those of you who are running a business with container logistics media, this type of container truck in Oklahoma is suitable to choose.

  1. Trailer Truck

You don’t have to go all the way abroad, even here you will often cross paths with trailer trucks. Although it is below container trucks, trailer trucks are still included in the large truck category.

They measure up to 12 metres with 4 and 5 axes, while the number of wheels ranges from 16 to 24 tyres.

With such a large size, a trailer truck can carry 20-60 tonnes of cargo in one load.

Trailer trucks are suitable for businesses that run their business in one area. Because the loading and unloading process can be done manually.

  1. Trinton Truck

For entrepreneurs with a medium to low scale business, a trinton truck in Oklahoma is suitable to choose. This truck is a combination of a tronton truck and a trintin truck. Where the size reaches 6 metres with 16 wheels.

Trinton trucks have a load capacity of 20-30 tonnes. With this amount of cargo, the truck is ideal for inter-provincial or city logistics.

  1. Tronton Truck

The last type of truck in the state of Oklahoma is the tronton truck. This type of truck is familiar to Indonesians, as it travels on the roads every day.

Tronton trucks have a capacity of 10 tonnes. So it is suitable for use in medium to low scale logistics.

Although not too big, the tronton is the favourite vehicle for expedition operators. The reason is because the price is not too expensive, when compared to other types of large trucks.

Well, that’s a complete review of 5 box trucks for sale in Oklahoma. The five trucks have different sizes, specifications, and uses. You just have to choose according to your needs and budget.

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