Box Truck for Sale in Virginia
Box Truck for Sale in Virginia

Cheap Box Truck for Sale in Virginia!

Are you looking for a box truck? Buying a box truck definitely needs thorough consideration. Especially since it is a vehicle that you will use for heavy labor. Therefore, before buying box truck for sale in Virginia, you need to know which manufacturer is the best at!

Here is a list of recommended box truck manufacturers to choose to get you the best model with a top-notch perfomance.

Recommended Box Truck for Sale in Virginia

Box Truck for Sale in Virginia
Box Truck for Sale in Virginia

Some of the manufacturers below are recommended if you are looking for buying one.

  • GM/Isuzu

Box truck is essential especially if you have a shipping or courier business where you need to deliver package to customers. GM/Isuzu brand is one of the best box truck manufacturers out there.

The capacity of most GM/Izusu models are up to 33.000 pounds. It mean you can carry many products and items inside the box. Moreover, it has a sturd built quality, making it able to withstand extreme weather.

It also have a top-notch gas mileage in its class. Therefore, if you are looking for a high quality truck in box truck for sale in Virginia, you can choose GM/Isuzu

  • Ford Motor Company

The next box truck brand you can choose is Ford Motor Company. It is a well-known manufacturers that has released many box trucks suitable for heavy labor. Not only it has a good durability, box truck by Ford also has clean cut design that makes it look decent.

Therefore, you can get box truck for sale in Virginia in good function and good design. Using the V8 machine, it is good and efficient for the fuel use. There are several Ford box truck models you can choose. Then you can adjust it to your budget.

  • Freightliner

Another recommended box truck model is Freightliner. The Freightliner M2 especially is a good model to choose. Using gas as the power, it can carry weight from 26.500 to 31.500 lbs.

Moreover, it has a smooth perfomance using the Cummins QSK19 machine as the main power of the truck. You can go miles driving the box truck without any hassle.

If you are going to choose Freightliner, you can find a vendor that offers this brand and ask the price range of the box truck available from this brand.

  • GMC

GMC is one of the best manufacturers if you are about to go to box truck for sale in Virginia. It has a distinctive design that can only be found in GMC box truck model. Not only it can carry heavy cargo, the capacity of the people are up to 8 people.

Therefore, you can carry many goods and your crew as well. In addition, the Savana 3500 Medium model has a distinct yellow color, making it look dazzling and eye-catching.

It is also a good choice if you just starting a business where you need to carry both people and cargo. With the specific design, it fits both for human and goods.

Those are all recommended box truck for sale in Virginia if you are about to buy one. You can choose one of them that meets your need and your budget.

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