Dump Truck for Sale in Wisconsin
Dump Truck for Sale in Wisconsin

Cheap Dump Truck for Sale in Wisconsin!

The world of material transportation of rock, sand, nickel, and others is definitely familiar with dump trucks. Most Dump Truck for Sale in Wisconsin are always equipped with hydraulic engines, making it possible to pour cargo faster. You who need a dump truck at a low price can buy dump trucks for sale in Wisconsin at typestrucks.com.!

If you work on a construction project, it is usually necessary to buy a used dump truck so that when the project is over, you can resell it. Before you choose a dump truck, you should first know the type. You can see the various types of dump trucks below.

Types of Dump Trucks for Sale in Wisconsin

Dump Truck for Sale in Wisconsin
Dump Truck for Sale in Wisconsin

Each type of dump truck has different specifications. It is important for potential buyers to know these differences. The differences are contained in the following information.

  1. Standard Dump Truck

The size of this dump truck is not too big. The load inside can be poured thanks to the hydraulic lift that moves vertically. This truck is suitable for transporting loads that are not too heavy.

The majority of standard dump trucks are capable of loading 7 – 10 tons. If you need to transport loads that are still within these load limits, you can choose the standard type. The standard type has the advantage of being easy to control by the driver and does not take up much parking space.

  1. Dump Truck Transfer

If you are running a project related to road construction, you will often meet with materials in the form of gravel, asphalt, and others. The right type of dump truck for the transportation of these materials is the Dump Truck Transfer. It has a separate trailer that allows it to carry more cargo.

The payload of this type is quite a lot between 30 to 40 tons. However, controlling this truck is more difficult than a standard dump truck. The driver can remove the load by utilizing a hydraulic machine.

  1. Semi Trailer Dump Truck

You should also be aware of the semi-trailer type on this vehicle. This type has three-wheel axes. The three axes are mounted together on two trailers. Of course, this truck is also equipped with a hydraulic engine to remove the cargo.

This truck is suitable for transporting materials in a vertical direction. The semi-trailer can hold up to 40 tons of cargo. The used price is offered below $12,000. But you still have to read the specifications carefully to know if the performance is still good.

  1. Double Trailer Dump Truck

This dump truck is capable of towing two trailers so that the load given is greater than a single trailer. The engine is bigger than the single trailer. Its use is more for transporting materials that must be done simultaneously.

Controlling a double-trailer dump truck requires super skills. Only reliable drivers can do it, especially in corners. The truck also requires a large parking lot due to its long dimensions.

  1. Dump Truck Haul

This dump truck is widely used to transport mining products. The amount of cargo transported is very heavy. No wonder the truck is specially designed and sturdy.

The payload that a haul dump truck can carry reaches 450 tons. An example of this dump truck series is the BELAZ 75710. This type of haul dump truck is the most expensive compared to all other types of dump trucks.

  1. Ice Transport Dump Truck

Every time winter comes, snow will accumulate. The snow often disrupts public transportation routes. The process of transporting snow is often done using this dump truck.

This vehicle is also always equipped with various other equipment to support snow removal from the road. You can easily find used versions of this truck on the internet.

You already know the different types of dump trucks. Now you can choose based on your project needs.

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