Volvo Semi Trucks for Sale in Michigan
Volvo Semi Trucks for Sale in Michigan

Cheap Volvo Semi Trucks for Sale in Michigan!

You want to buy a semi-truck from the Volvo brand. Buy Volvo semi trucks for sale in Michigan through our service. It’s just that most of these trucks are in used condition at

Cheap Volvo Semi Trucks for Sale in Michigan

Volvo Semi Trucks for Sale in Michigan
Volvo Semi Trucks for Sale in Michigan

The trucks have cabins with more space, allowing drivers to sleep in between long-distance deliveries. The condition of these vehicles remains good as they receive regular maintenance which you can see through their books.

It’s just that the mileage of the vehicles can vary. Sometimes you can find Volvo semi-trucks with a mileage of under 200,000. But there are also used trucks that are offered with more than 400,000 miles.

It’s just that the price of the longer traveled vehicles tends to be more affordable. Take your time to learn about their various specifications. Let’s jump right in and talk about the various Volvo semi trucks.

List of Volvo Semi Trucks for Sale in Michigan

Each of the semi-trucks we’ll be offering has a different exterior color and specifications. All of our recommendations also have different years of release. You can check out the details below.

  1. Volvo Conventional Semi Truck VN 630

This vehicle has traveled more than 700,000 miles. Today, buyers can get it for under $40,000. You can even negotiate the price down to $36,000.

The truck falls into the heavy-duty truck category equipped with a sleeper in Class 8. The GVW of this vehicle is between 33001 and 150000. The driver can sleep comfortably in the cabin when resting from a long journey delivering goods.

The transmission system of the vehicle is automatic. Then the engine uses the D13 model which is also made by Volvo. The engine still uses diesel fuel. The axle size of the vehicle is 6×4.

Then the braking system applied Air technology. The truck also has an official VIN that you can check directly on the internet and during vehicle reviews. While the model of the drivetrain is rear-wheel drive.

  1. Conventional Sleeper Truck VNL64T860

This one is a Volvo-made vehicle that was released in 2019. The mileage of the vehicle has reached more than 500,000 miles although not up to 550,000 miles. You can buy the vehicle for a price ranging from $109,000 to $112,000.

This truck also falls into the category of heavy-duty trucks with a space sleeper. The category of the truck has been categorized as Class 8. The engine works by utilizing diesel combustion to drive the engine components.

Drivers can rest more comfortably thanks to the space sleeper in the cabin. The vehicle applies Volvo’s D13 engine model which is capable of producing 425 HP of power.

Features on the vehicle are quite complete, such as cruise, air conditioning, shore power, collision mitigation, satellite radio, and others. The axles of the vehicle are 6×4. While the suspension system is Air Ride which can reduce vibration quite well.

  1. Volvo Conventional Semi Truck VNL64T860

We will also discuss a semi-truck made by Volvo that was released in 2022. This vehicle has not been used much by the previous owner. The mileage of this vehicle is less than 200,000 miles.

Those of you who are interested need to prepare funds around $172,000 – $173,000. The vehicle is classified as a Class 8 or heavy-duty truck. This truck produces more than 455 HP of power with diesel fuel.

The braking system of the vehicle is a disc/drum. The suspension technology is Air Ride.

Now you know some information about Volvo semi trucks. Those of you who are interested can contact us immediately.

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