Chevy Utility Truck Beds

Chevy Utility Truck Beds

Chevy Utility Truck Beds – Getting More Than Three Million Combinations of Cargo Space From Chevy Utility Truck Beds Already know used utility truck beds for sale near me? Or want know utility truck beds near me?

With Chevy utility trucks you can find more than three million combinations of cargo space. The “three” is the number of doors, rather than the number of spaces in the bed.

While GM uses a compartment-free design with its pick-up and utility trucks, their truck bed has two different sections. Both the base and the second, longer section are designed to hold several thousands of pounds of cargo.

Chevy Utility Truck Beds

Chevy Utility Truck Beds

One way to customize your utility truck bed is by attaching roll-up side rails to your bed. This design will help organize the cargo that is stored on the top of the bed. The roll-up rails will allow you to slide the rollers along them, and they will make it easy to secure or detach the cargo from the bed using hangers and straps.

Chevy Utility Truck Beds

If you really want to maximize the usable space in your utility truck bed, consider installing a roll-up or tailgate guard. A tailgate guard will stop any crumbs or ice from hitting the ground when the vehicle is stopped at a light or parked outside on a cool day.

Chevy Utility Truck Beds – utility bed for sale

Chevy Utility Truck Beds

If you want to see what storage capacity your utility truck has, open up the hood and look under the hood. You’ll see the actual size of the engine, including the cubic-inch rating. When you know how much fuel is inside, you’ll know just how much it will take to get your truck moving.

Consider adding a stock exhaust system to your utility truck. You might think that this is a wasted space, but it’s actually quite useful. The exhaust pipes will help reduce noise and will allow more exhaust to go where it’s supposed to.

Chevy Utility Truck Beds – utility bed truck for sale craigslist

The distance the noise is below the roof of the truck will also depend on the truck, and the amount of work you do. Your aftermarket exhaust system will make the difference between a tolerable noise and annoying noise.

Take some time to adjust the hoses. If the hoses aren’t long enough, you might be able to change them out with longer hoses, or simply make them shorter by cutting them to a certain length. Just make sure the new hoses are made for the vehicle you have before you start re-installing the hoses.

Chevy Utility Truck Beds – ford f150 utility bed for sale

Smaller trucks should have their own hoses. Even if you don’t use the cargo area as much as larger vehicles, it’s still worth the investment in quality hoses for your smaller truck.

Adding roll-up windows can add a nice looking look to your vehicle. You can also install a sliding door to improve the flow of air through the windows.

Chevy Utility Truck Beds – short bed utility body for sale

Chevy Utility Truck Beds

Choosing to upgrade the roof of your utility truck is also worth considering. Sure, it may not be as comfortable as the interior, but if you have a cargo bed it can be better insulation than the regular roof.

While there are many other features that you can install, these tips should give you a starting point for your customization project for your utility truck. And if you need to figure out how to install them yourself, all you need to do is go to your local Chevrolet dealership and ask them for advice.


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