Chipper Truck for Sale in Tennessee
Chipper Truck for Sale in Tennessee

Chipper Truck for Sale in Tennessee!

You want to load a lot of stuff on Class 6 or above truck. Just use a chipper truck. You can buy chipper trucks for sale in Tennessee at

Chipper Truck for Sale in Tennessee

Chipper Truck for Sale in Tennessee
Chipper Truck for Sale in Tennessee

The condition of chipper is second-hand so the price is more affordable. The entire chipper still has an excellent appearance. You can use it directly to load goods.

Chipper trailers are made of strong materials and are also quite lightweight. This allows drivers to load more goods because the truck’s load volume becomes larger. You can see various choices of chipper trucks below.

List of Chipper Trucks for Sale in Tennessee

Always choose a chipper truck with affordable prices and quality so that you can make a quick turnaround. Many of these vehicles come from well-known automotive brands. You can see the various kinds of chipper trucks directly below.

  1. Ford Chipper Truck Class 6 F700

This truck was released by the Ford company in 1992. But the truck is still able to operate well. The maintenance history is also complete so that the engine condition is qualified for transporting cargo loads.

Anyone who intends to buy the vehicle will have to spend as much as $8,000. Drivers can also sleep in the cabin more comfortably because of the special space available. This truck also provides a storage compartment.

The tires are also in good condition. The engine uses diesel fuel and is capable of producing 220 HP of power. The capacity of the engine is 7.8L.

While the suspension system is a spring that can reduce vibration. The exterior of this vehicle is blue or black. The mileage of the vehicle is no more than 140,000 miles.

  1. GMC Chipper Truck Topkick C7500

This GMC chipper truck can be priced in used condition at around $9,900 – $1,100. The vehicle was released in 2004 and has fairly good engine condition. The truck itself falls into the Class 7 category.

The model of the vehicle is Topkick C7500. The GVW of the GMC Chipper Truck Topkick C7500 is 26001 – 33000. The type of fuel used to drive the engine is gasoline.

Then the rear axles of the vehicle are 19,000. While the front axles are worth 11,350. The type of axles is Single.

The model of the engine is 8.1L which is made by the Chevrolet company. The transmission system has 6 types of acceleration. Then for the drive train of this vehicle is 4×2.

  1. Ford Chipper Truck F550

The vehicle is made by Ford in 2008. The mileage of the vehicle has not yet reached 90,000 miles. If you are interested in buying the vehicle, you have to pay around $18,000.

The truck is categorized as a medium-duty truck or Class 5. The engine of this vehicle uses diesel fuel. The fuel can provide considerable power to the engine.

The suspension system of the vehicle is Spring. The wheelbase of the Ford Chipper Truck F550 vehicle is 201. The braking system is hydraulic.

The drivetrain type of the Ford Chipper Truck F550 is Rear wheel drive with 4×4. Then the engine is made by International. The engine model of the vehicle is 6.4L Power Stroke.

The size of the front tire and rear tire is 19.5. Then the mileage of the vehicle is 80,450 miles. You can use the truck to transport goods directly because it has a VIN.

You already know some chipper trucks. If you want additional options for this vehicle, you can contact us. We will provide you with a wide variety of alternatives.

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