Common Truck Accident Injuries

7 The Most Common Truck Accident Injuries and Causes

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It’s easy to see how a fully loaded truck weighing up to 80,000 pounds can cause catastrophic injuries if it collides with a smaller passenger vehicle. From truck crash cases in east Texas and New Mexico, these crashes typically cause common truck accident injuries including: collarbone, pelvis, breastbone, facial bones, or ribs.

A person with a simple broken arm or leg may need to spend several weeks in a cast. If a person has a compound or complex fracture, it may require surgery and a long hospital stay. Here’s what causes most semi truck accidents.

Common Truck Accident Injuries

#1. Soft tissue injuries

If a person is struck or thrown from a vehicle in a truck accident, the person can suffer from sprains, strains and tears of muscles, tendons and ligaments. In common truck accident injuries, vehicle occupants sustain soft tissue injuries after being struck by objects such as broken glass, sheared metal, or cargo.

#2. Whiplash

Extreme forces in a truck crash can stretch a person’s head and neck. This “whiplash” motion can strain and deform muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons in the neck. The whiplash usually goes away within a few weeks. However, some whiplash sufferers develop chronic pain or more serious neck problems.

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#3. Burns

Large tankers can carry flammable that make them vulnerable to explosions in a crash. Many people suffer burns as common truck accident injuries from contact with steam or heat from water escaping from a broken radiator or hot metal sheared.

Severe burns – third and fourth degree burns – are catastrophic injuries. They have long recovery periods and pose a continuous threat of infection or other complications from trucking accidents.

#4. Head and Brain Injuries

Common Truck Accident Injuries

A sudden blow to the head from an accident, such as being pulled from a trailer, can cause short-term brain damage and long-term or long-term head injury (TBI). A severe head injury causes potentially permanent damage to a person’s physique and cognitive abilities.

The person may need long-term medical care and assistance with functions of daily living. Complications that causes of truck accidents can form severe head trauma can lead to premature death.

#5. Spinal Injury

Common Truck Accident Injuries

A blow to the back or sudden movement is the most common truck accident injuries which can break the vertebrae in the spine or tear the spinal cord. A broken back can produce continued pain and loss of mobility despite surgical repair and long recovery.

Damage to the spinal cord causes paralysis. Depending on the extent of the injury, a paralyzed person may maintain certain movements or sensations or recover them through intense therapy.

#6. Internal injuries

Common Truck Accident Injuries

A blunt or penetrating trauma in a common truck accident injuries can damage internal organs such as the heart, liver, stomach, spleen, intestines or kidneys. Broken ribs or the breast bone can cause bone fragments to tear in organs. Organ ruptures and internal bleeding usually require surgery. The injury can cause shock or infection which can be fatal.

#7. Emotional distress

Common Truck Accident Injuries

The trauma of a catastrophic injury or witnessing the serious injury or death of a loved one in a truck accident can cause tremendous psychological damage such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Long or uncertain recovery from an injury or disability can lead to depression.

These real and serious injuries are just as compensable in a common truck accident injuries as physical injuries. Any of the above injuries can prove fatal due to complications, including emotional distress leading to severe depression and suicide.


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