Company Truck Accident

Finding The Liability on Company Truck Accident

Company Truck Accident Typestrucks.Com Already know what happens when a truck driver has an accident? Or want know hit by a company vehicle settlement?

After a company truck accident involving a large truck, delivery truck, or other utility vehicle, even if it is clear that the driver is involved, it is not always easy to understand who is responsible.

So, how about hit by a company vehicle settlement? Let’s answer a few key questions.

Company Truck Accident

When Is a Company Responsible for The Conduct of a Driver?

“To respond to the superior”, meaning “to let the superior respond”, is the main theory of liability that a company vehicle accident policy can hold responsible caused by a truck driver.

The employer can be held liable for a wrongdoing in commercial truck accident were not intentional and were committed within the framework of the employment relationship. The driver is an employee or a contractor. So, how about accident in company vehicle who pays?

Is The Driver an Independent Contractor or Employee?

The first thing that the injured person from company truck accident has to prove is that the driver of the truck is an employee of the company rather than an independent contractor, because a company is generally not responsible for wrongdoing committed by independent contractors.

Although the laws of each state may differ, the focus is on whether the employer has the right manner. If the employer controls the outcome of the work, but not how the outcome is achieved, then an independent contractor relationship is likely.

For example, if a truck driver used his own truck, supplied his own gas, and purchased his own insurance, he assumed the cost of repairs, was paid “per trip” and received no benefits for the employees and the operator. So, what happens when a truck driver has an accident?

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What Act Is Related to Scope of Employment?

Company Truck Accident

Determining what constitutes an act committed in the context of the employment relationship can be difficult for company truck accident. Courts tend to consider:

• the time devoted to personal activity.
• the type of work for which the employee was hired
• the intention of the employee at the time of the incident
• incidental acts that the employer should reasonably expect the employee to perform
• the degree of freedom granted to the employee in the performance of his duties and

For example, if a truck driver remakes a car during delivery, the employer would likely be liable for any damage resulting from the truck driver acting “within the scope of the employment relationship”.

Now suppose the driver leaves early to go to a game and crashes into another car outside the stadium. Here the company should not be liable for negligence in truck accident yesterday.

How Multiple Defendants Affect?

Company Truck Accident

When a lawsuit is filed against multiple defendants of company truck accident, they can all be equally liable of the plaintiff’s damages, or they can only be liable for the damages caused by them.

The plaintiff can sue both the driver and the manufacturer in truck accident today. If it is not clear what each party’s fault is, the manufacturer may be required to pay their share plus any amount that the driver cannot pay, whether or not they have sufficient insurance to cover the losses of the vehicle.

A disadvantage of multiple defendants with unclear guilt proportions is that a commercial truck accident settlements may be more difficult to achieve and a trial more likely.

What If the Driver’s Actions Were Intentional?

Company Truck Accident

Generally, an employer is not responsible for wrongdoing (assault, beatings, kidnapping) committed by its employee. This is because the purpose of the “response” principle is not achieved when the actions of the employee are unrelated to the business.

For example, if a truck driver crashes into another vehicle because the driver was sleeping with the trucker’s spouse, the company truck accident is unlikely to be liable.


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