Extreme Truck Bumpers

Extreme Truck Bumpers

Extreme Truck Bumpers Typestrucks.com Already know aluminum truck bumpers? Or want know chevy truck bumpers?

How to Install Extreme Truck Bumpers

Extreme truck bumpers are considered to be the best of the best. They are the most protective kind of bumpers and can even withstand great blows without tearing. Extreme truck bumpers can also be custom built to fit your specific need, if you do not wish to have a traditional bumper installed in your vehicle.

The most sought after kind of Extreme truck bumpers is those that are made from heavy duty steel. The two major types of Extreme truck bumpers are bolt on and the custom made. No matter what your reason for wanting an Extreme truck bumper, you will be able to find a style that will protect your cargo from impacts.

When it comes to the actual construction of the bumper, there are three primary components. These include the body panels, which include the nose, the roof and the cab. Also included is the area around the head and the eye cup, which is similar to the cab of the vehicle.



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Extreme Truck Bumpers

Extreme Truck Bumpers

The headliner or the top portion of the bumper can actually be removed. While some do not like the look of the headliner being removed, many prefer it because it makes them feel more comfortable. On the other hand, it is possible to do the headliner just fine with the body panels in place. Even so, the body panels will give you a much better fit with the gap that remains.

The following sections show you how to install the Extreme bumpers on your own. For the purpose of this article, we will assume that you know nothing about mechanics and you want to go to a shop to get it done.

The chances are that you could easily come up short in making your Extreme truck bumpers your own. For that reason, if you feel you need to visit a shop to have them installed, avoid doing it.

As mentioned before, the Extreme bumpers are usually bolted on. You will need to locate the screws holding the panel in place. To do this, get a flashlight and illuminate the screws. You should be able to see them when there is a spotlight near you. If you cannot see them, turn on the halogen light in your truck’s dash.

Extreme Truck Bumpers -heavy duty truck bumpers

Next, you need to loosen the bolts on the side panels. Loosen them from underneath the truck by working them with the wrench in your hand. Once the panel is off, you can remove the tongue and groove as well. The tongue and groove should not come out, but you may need to pry it from the sides or from under the tongue.

You will need to unthread the plugs from the holes in the. It is not easy to do this by yourself, so use a wrench if needed to do it. It is important to make sure that you get the plugs in the correct holes.

Extreme Truck Bumpers

Once you have the plugs unscrewed, then you will need to carefully remove the excess material from the . It is possible to damage the edges of the  if you are not careful. You will need to get a screwdriver and the edge of the plug you are removing to hold on to the Extreme truck bumpers.

Extreme Truck Bumpers – rear truck bumpers

Then you need to carefully slide the extra pieces of metal from the . You can accomplish this by placing one piece of metal after another in order to keep the plug from slipping out. Take care not to lose the extra pieces of metal while sliding them from the trucks.

Extreme Truck Bumpers

Once you have slid all the extra pieces of metal from the , you can now pull the  to the side. Make sure you put your hand on the side of the truck, as you will not want any accident or bump to occur while you are trying to move the Extreme truck bumpers. Once you have done this, you can undo the plugs and reattach the tongue and groove.

After you have installed the Extreme truck bumpers, you should then check and adjust them for shape and size. Before you begin, you should note that you need to use pliers to hold the tongue and groove together, as the bolts will easily fly out if they are not straight.

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