Food Truck Fire Suppression System Cost

Food Truck Fire Suppression System Cost Typestrucks.Com Already know installing a fire suppression system in a food truck? Or want know food truck hood with fire suppression?

Food trucks need a food truck fire suppression system. A fire can easily burn your entire investment, costing you more than you can afford.

By protecting your investment from heat and smoke, you’ll have the peace of mind that your business will be there when the unexpected happens.

To keep food trucks in the open on nights and weekends, you must install a food truck fire suppression system. Your company’s policy is to provide a security guard, but that does not come cheap. In fact, it costs less than one week’s salary to provide that security.

Food Truck Fire Suppression System Cost

Food Truck Fire Suppression System Cost

So how much does a food truck fire suppression system cost? It depends on the size of your business, the type of system you choose, and how many hours of operation you have per month. If you are just starting out, a basic system can be had for about two thousand dollars.


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An expensive system is much more. Each unit will include sensors to protect your kitchen, fire extinguisher to handle any emergency, smoke detectors, barriers to keep fire from spreading, water tank, and more.

Food Truck Fire Suppression System Cost

A system that includes all these things will cost twice as much as a basic system. When you add the price of installation, insurance, and penalties for damage done to another person’s property, the total food truck fire suppression system cost is likely around six or seven thousand dollars.

If you want to get everything, you can expect to spend anywhere from eight to ten thousand dollars.

Concession Hood with Fire Suppression

Food Truck Fire Suppression System Cost

To save money, consider getting a used system instead of a new one. Used systems can be acquired for less than one hundred fifty dollars each.

So you still need to hire security guards?Yes, but the system doesn’t have to include the guards. A certified private security officer can provide the security without the expense of additional units or personnel.

Food Truck Fire Suppression System Cost

Another great way to save money is to combine the systems with a fully staffed kitchen. You can combine everything for less than two thousand dollars, but if you only have a single unit, it can cost more than five thousand dollars.

Used Restaurant Hood and Fire Suppression System

Ask yourself this: “What can I do for less?” Do you want to cut a corner, or do you want to do something that will provide the best results for your business? In order to lower your food truck fire suppression system cost, you will need to carefully examine your business to find those areas of improvement.

Does your kitchen use gas, electric, or propane? For most businesses, a gas-fired machine will be a great option.

If you have a propane unit, you can replace the gas and fire extinguisher to save several hundred dollars. If you use propane, you will need a propane regulator and, sometimes, a replacement regulator for your propane tank. Not to mention the cost of gas.

By making the decision to improve a few aspects of your business, you can significantly reduce your food truck fire suppression system cost. Let’s face it: No one wants to think about an unsafe workplace, so if you can make it that little bit safer, then why should you be worried?

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