Food Truck Rentals Long Island

Food Truck Rentals Long Island Already know food trucks for parties near me? orwant know food truck for private party?

While all is not necessarily good, there are some definite food truck rentals Long Island offers that will please even the most discriminating of consumers. These represent food trucks that are foodies’ and food truck aficionados favorites.

Bakesale Creamery: It’s good to see a Long Island mobile food vendor offering up treats in the form of cone-less gelato. Served with the addition of a scoop of fresh whipped cream, these cone-less flavors are a must-try. If you’re into rich chocolate, you’ll be thrilled by the creamy flavor combined with a chocolate fluff topping.



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food truck rentals long island

food truck rentals long island

Paniolo’s Gelato: With a size only slightly smaller than a large gelato, this cone-less flavor is a perfect complement to a hot summer day. It has a smooth and creamy chocolatey consistency, topped with a delicate and exotic assortment of creme fillings. The flavors are available in chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and hazelnut. For those who like their sweet, this is the perfect tasting cone-less flavor.

The Crepe Shop: Do you like your ice cream neat or frozen? Let the Crepe Shop serves it both ways with one of their multiple flavors of cone-less frozen yogurt.

food truck rentals long island – smoothie truck long island

El Chukito’s: The huge yellow truck, backed up the parking lot of a round-the-clock corn dog stand. The decor is typical of the typical Los Angeles street food carts, but the portable eating is a combination of Mexican flavors.

They are named after the truck’s name: El Chukito. Everything on the menu is made with corn tortillas, but that’s just the start.

food truck rentals long island – bbq food truck rental

Everything from the freshest salsa to the very popular taco specialty served in a stack of very tasty warm corn tortillas. Like a Mexican Street Taco. Why?

Because of their large portion sizes. Each of their five taco choices are larger than some fast food options.

Nachos are Mexican Nachos that are served with carne asada cheese, jalapeno, onions, and cilantro (you can get them with guacamole, sour cream, or a variety of other toppings). Add in a large lettuce wrap, and you’ve got yourself an inexpensive and delicious meal.

food truck rentals long island – pizza food truck long island

food truck rentals long island

Sesame Chicken – You’re not going to find this in a Los Angeles supermarket – it’s sold at El Chukito’s. This non-spicy, all-cured, shredded chicken is marinated and then served with Thai-style garlic and scallions. If you want some authentic Thai food, this will be the perfect fit.

There’s also the Balsamic Vinaigrette with crumbled bacon, caramelized onions, feta, and parsley. No one will mistake it for something as fancy as French or Italian – but if you’re looking for an authentic Mediterranean experience, you won’t be disappointed. This is definitely a delicious delight.

food truck rentals long island

It’s a delicious option for those who want to explore the world of food, but don’t have the time to go to far to do so. Food truck rentals Long Island will serve the East Village and the rest of the city a tantalizing taste of what’s best about this kind of dining experience.

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