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Food Truck Serving Window Decorating Tips

Food trucks are usually in the business of catering to the public and one way to get customers is by making sure that the food is tasty and appealing. This is where food truck serving window treatment comes into play. Treating food trucks in this manner will increase customer trust and give them something to look forward to when they’re trying new menu items.

One great option for customers when it comes to the exterior of a food truck is to have a sidewalk sign with the vehicle’s name on it. Depending on the design of the truck and the image of the food, this can be either a colorful or plain-looking sign.

The design of the sign should also relate to the image of the truck presents. For example, some restaurants might be boring and bland but when it comes to eating they’re anything but. As a result, a brightly colored sign will catch people’s attention and add to the vibrancy of the outside of the food truck.

Food Truck Serving Window

Food Truck Serving Window

It’s also a good idea to put up signs in the back of the truck so customers know the address of the food truck and can check out the rest of the environment. You can also have the address listed on the food truck website.


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Before you start designing the signage, you need to decide which of the design elements you want to incorporate. The color scheme you choose for the sign will depend on your clientele. It’s not uncommon for a casual dining restaurant to have a red background while a fast food joint would use white.

If you’re going to be serving ice cream at your food truck, then you’ll want to choose a design that looks like a scoop of ice cream. Don’t use too many colors or your food truck’s exterior design will look messy.

Food Truck Serving Window – concession window canada

Food Truck Serving Window

For instance, if you serve sandwiches on your food truck, you can create a bright yellow or orange design that resembles a drive-through window. Your food truck will look neat and tidy, and people will appreciate the attention to detail you put into the design of your food truck.

On the other hand, if you’re serving hamburgers or French fries, then you might want to use an old school design that looks like a television set. This will make your food truck appear extra cool and convenient.

You can also use prints to decorate your food truck. For example, if you’re serving chicken or lamb, you can get a decal printed with the meat product.

Food Truck Serving Window – food service windows

Food Truck Serving Window

In addition to choosing colors for your food truck’s exterior design, you should also consider colors and patterns when selecting its interior design. By using a fresh, vibrant palette, you can avoid having customers looking at stale interiors.

When designing the interior of your food truck, you’ll want to be as minimalist as possible. Instead of a bright red carpet, choose black tie backs and colorful tablecloths to complement the sleek look of your food truck.

Food Truck Serving Window

Finally, decorating your food truck requires time and effort. However, if you don’t have the right people for the job, then your food truck will probably end up looking haphazard and uncared for.

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