Food Truck Sheet Metal

Food Truck Sheet Metal

How to Install Food Truck Sheet Metal on Your Truck  Already know food truck ceiling material? or want know best material for food truck walls?

Food truck sheet metal is the covering that covers the truck. It is a movable barrier to protect the interior of the truck from damage and dust, as well as being an easy to remove sheet metal barrier when the truck is not in use.

The first thing you need to do when installing a sheet metal barrier on the inside of your food truck is to identify where the holes are.



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Food Truck Sheet Metal

Food Truck Sheet Metal

All safety doors should have clearances of about an inch for the driver’s seat. In order to do this, you will need to measure your opening using a rubber mallet and measure the distance to the next door in order to ensure there is enough clearance.

Once you have done this, then you can connect the holes together with the help of the brackets of the sheet metal and place it in place. Remember that if you do not use brackets you can use some of the screws provided. Make sure that all of the holes line up so you do not end up with a gap when you take it off.

Food Truck Sheet Metal – frp panels food truck

Always use a heavy duty ratchet with your food truck sheet metal because the device can turn very easily. The ratchet can help to turn the sheet metal around like you would a nut and bolt.

The first step in ensuring your truck is properly protected is by taking all of the ready-to-use information that comes with the system. You need to be able to order the correct size sheet metal to be used depending on the width of the front of the truck.

Remember that these will be the mounting points on your food truck so you want to make sure that they are the right size.

Food Truck Sheet Metal – 24 gauge food grade quilted stainless steel

Food Truck Sheet Metal

The next step is to take the long sides of the truck and then find a suitable place to staple the Velcro onto so that it holds firmly onto the mounting brackets. Next, put the mounting hardware on the inside of the backside of the sheet metal.

Once you have done this, then it is time to put the Velcro in place, before applying the hot glue gun. You will want to make sure that the two sides of the door are stapled together to make sure that the door does not move during installation.

 food truck wall material

Food Truck Sheet Metal

After you have placed the door in place, you will need to remove the sheet metal from your food truck by pulling it up and off of the front of the truck. Make sure that you are sitting in the truck and have something stable so that you can take it out with ease.

Food Truck Sheet Metal

After you have removed the sheet metal, then you will need to remove any extra Velcro that is in the holes. There are several people who believe that you do not have to get rid of the Velcro, but I do not agree with this method because I think you will end up with more problems than you had before.

Food Truck Sheet Metal – stainless steel sheets for food truck

Now that you have taken out the excess Velcro from the mounting brackets, the two sides of the door that were stapled together, and the sides of the sheet metal that you were trying to secure with Velcro, you will need to take the door out of the truck.

To do this, take the tool box that you are using for storing the other equipment that you are using on your food truck and secure the door down from the bottom of the box.

Now, remove the two screws holding the door to the bracket and pull the door out of the mounting box. Repeat this process for all of the brackets until you are finished.

Once you have removed the sheet metal and the brackets, you will be able to get the food truck sheet metal back on the truck. Place the two brackets back into place and then replace the sheet metal with the new one that is made specifically for your food truck.

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