freightliner cascadia for sale
freightliner cascadia for sale

Freightliner Cascadia for Sale’s Review 2023!

So, are you looking for freightliner cascadia for sale? First, get to to know better about the vehicle using our guide below at!

If you ask what is the best freightliner truck out there? We’ll strongly suggest you to try Freightliner Cascadia. Since its release, Cascadia has been Freightliner’s flagship product. Since it is the most popular truck in America, it is now gaining popularity in harsh, extreme export markets like Australia and South Africa as well as in Mexico. It serves as the foundation for Freightliner’s market dominance of heavy trucks in the US. It’s a no brainer that many people are eager to find freightliner cascadia for sale.

So, are you one of them who have been looking at freightliner cascadia for sale’s listings? While it’s so tempting to just browse over used freightliner cascadia for sale, it’s always better to dig deeper to find what features do the truck offer. Read more complete review of the vehicle we’ve provided below.

Closer Look on Freightliner Cascadia For Sale Near Me

freightliner cascadia for sale
freightliner cascadia for sale

You might have heard about 2016 freightliner cascadia for sale few years ago. The truck’s specifications are so incredible that public didn’t stop raving about it. As for today, many people actively looking for listings of used freightliner cascadia for sale on Craigslist and similar platform. Cascadia heavy duty truck cab offer the best solution for trucking companies who value balance among comfort, safety, and efficiency.

The 2018 freightliner cascadia for sale is available in two versions, ranging from 116 and 126 inches from bumper to back of cab (BBC). The Cascadia 126 has a 16-litre Detroit engine with 600 horsepower and 2050 pound-feet of torque, while the 116 is powered by a 13-litre Detroit diesel with 505 horsepower and 2508 Nm (2779Nm). Both come with the DT12 OE2 heavy-duty automated transmission, though if you want, you may choose the 18-speed Roadranger.

It has performed admirably in comparison to the competitors, garnering excellent reviews. For those looking for a cab, Freightliner heavy duty truck’s review below will provide clear insights of what the truck offers. So, what does new freightliner cascadia for sale have in store for you?

Engine’s Performance

freightliner cascadia Engine’s Performance
freightliner cascadia Engine’s Performance

One of the best thing this new freightliner cascadia for sale is probably its engine performance. Lo and behold! Freightliner installed the newest Detroit DT 12 with automatic transmission under the hood. This transmission system enables smooth maneuvering. It will joyfully skip shift and land in the ideal gear for the task. The 400 horsepower, 15-liter DD15 engine, which has 1,650 lb.-ft. of torque, ensured its performance stay on top notch. The Detroit engines are also improved in Assurance 5.0 with engine load balancing, which keeps the engine’s torque constant over slight inclines that a driver would mistake for level terrain to save gasoline.

The on-board map database has been enhanced by 35% to provide more coverage of current key highways and interstates. There is also updated map coverage. With the help of this technology, the engine controls can be used more effectively to maximize kinetic energy and reduce brake use. However, the additional features allow for a fairly comfortable driving despite the fact that neither feature is immediately apparent, especially given the DT12 transmission’s smooth and intelligent shifting.

It will drag down low on hills (lower than you’d go in a manual), but it will then shift down one or two gears to let the rig simply ascend. Freightliner Cascadia might introduce you to the new sensation of driving a freightliner truck. Something that makes you uneager to move to the old way. You’ll certainly not regretting the choice to invest on this 2018 freightliner cascadia for sale.

Additionally, the cruise control simply does not maintain a fixed following distance; instead, it will function even at zero road speed. The Cascadia will then quicken its pace if the car in front resumes moving within two seconds. Driving in and around Los Angeles’s slow-moving traffic is now even more comfortable and convenient thanks to this.

Fuel Efficiency

freightliner cascadia Fuel Efficiency
freightliner cascadia Fuel Efficiency

When it comes to fuel efficiency, the newest Freightliner Cascadia might receive some comparison to 2016 freightliner cascadia for sale. Compared to its predecessor, the most recent Cascadia has undergone numerous improvements to increase its fuel efficiency. Some of them are visible to your eyes, such the gaps between the fenders and the wheels that, to the greatest extent feasible, keep air from entering beneath the vehicle from the sides. The deep, deep air dam beneath the front bumper is less evident, and it’s even less obvious because the suspension “kneels” at freeway speeds to bring this aero device an inch nearer to the pavement.

The side and roof extenders keep the air closer to the cab/trailer so it doesn’t flow into the trailer gap up behind the cab. And thanks to the new A-pillar deflectors, which turn the air coming off the windshield to prevent it from spilling out as eddies to the side, that air is already tightly sealed to the cab sides. Additionally, this has the advantage of keeping rainy weather’s road grime off the side glass and mirrors. Redesigned sideskirts complement this and improve the overall appearance of the most recent Cascadia model.

Safety Features

freightliner cascadia Safety Features
freightliner cascadia Safety Features

The newest Freightliner Cascadia boast several adaptive cruise control (ACC), which keeps a safe following distance, and full emergency active brake assist (ABA 5.0), which can stop the truck if the driver doesn’t apply the brakes in the event of an oncoming collision. Recognize stationary vehicles as well, such as those in a traffic lane where everyone is stopped. Additionally, it will detect a pedestrian crossing the street in a crosswalk or a bike swerving along the curb and will apply the brakes as needed.

Lane keeping assistance (LKA), which provides steering control to maintain the Cascadia in lane by reading the vehicles location between the lane markers to prevent it from drifting away from the set position, is available in addition to the straight-ahead safety.

So, those are all amazing features that you can find inside Freightliner Cascadia. Now, if you’re interested in purchasing freightliner cascadia for sale, definitely find listings on Craigslist and find the best offer nearby your area. That way, you can arrange a meeting with the seller and take a closer inspection on the truck. Be sure to do some test drive for some awesome driving experience.

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