freightliner coronado for sale
freightliner coronado for sale

Wish Buy Freightliner Coronado For Sale? Read This First!

Finding the best deal for freightliner coronado for sale can be your goal in 2023. See the truck’s review below at

If you talk about one of the most memorable Freightliner trucks, Freightliner Coronado is worth mentioning. Freightliner Coronado 114 was released sometime in 2013.  The name “Coronado” is actually quite unique. It’s been told that the newest Freightliner’s name was taken after the first European who explored Arizona and New Mexico of the US. After its initial release date, automotive lovers were so eager to wait for freightliner coronado for sale. As for today, Freightliner had officially discontinued the project. However, you can still find used freightliner coronado for sale craigslist. But before you do, we would like to share some interesting facts about the vehicle with you through this article.

The Truck’s Overall Impressions

If you’re planning to buy freightliner coronado for sale, be prepared to receive some pleasant surprise. Even before the driver’s door swings open, the Coronado makes an impression. The one-piece fibreglass bonnet pivots upward to 90 degrees, making engine bay access relatively simple, while the one-piece design makes repairs easier in the event of damage. This of course become one important aspect from this truck that you might not get from other trucks.

The bonnet from this freightliner coronado glider for sale also features twin air ‘pre-cleaners’ mounted on each side, protected by chrome grilles to reduce the amount of water and dust entering the bonnet plenum, which slows the airflow to further eliminate water and dust so that only dry air reaches the actual engine air cleaner, extending its effective lifespan.

The new device implanted in this freightliner coronado glider for sale is more effective than older-style external air cleaners which also improves aerodynamics. The radiator measures 1,900 square inches. As regulators consider developing ADR 80/04 requirements for later this decade, Freightliner engineers can plan for the future by using splayed mount on the nose of the chassis rails.

Wish Buy Freightliner Coronado For Sale? Read This First!

freightliner coronado for sale
freightliner coronado for sale

Freightliner coronado used for sale’s radiator is also attached directly to the engine, and the heated air is drawn from the radiator and sent outside the engine compartment by a shroud. The Century Class trucks were the first to use two steering boxes, one on each side, for increased steering feedback and feel. The turning radius should be smaller as a result of the 50-degree wheel reduction. The engineers seemed to get inspired from the old Century Class truck and implemented it for the Coronado truck.

Single rails are used in the common chassis of this freightliner coronado used for sale. To handle the strain, the Severe Duty variant has double-skinned rails and heavy-duty axles and suspension. The GCM rating for the Severe Duty variant is 140 tonnes, up from the Coronado’s usual approval of 90 tonnes.

Packing the many ancillary components without going over axle masses, especially over the steer axle, was another challenge for the engineers. The placement of the batteries is a prime illustration. The battery box is located under the left step on day cab versions and vehicles equipped with either the 34-inch or 48-inch mid-rise sleepers; on all other models, the batteries are installed in the chassis rails right in front of the driving axles.

The additional 50mm clearance is achieved by placing the cab assembly on “pillow blocks,” which improves airflow and gives the occupants more protection from shocks from the road. Better electrical and air line connections and seals with single entrance points are among the further enhancements. Everything is done to lessen the quantity of dust, noise, and vibration that enters the cab. Additionally, huck bolts are utilized throughout the chassis, just about every truck on the market, to boost durability and lower maintenance.

The Truck’s Engine

freightliner coronado Engine
freightliner coronado Engine

While the Coronado itself is a huge deal, operators now have an option between the Cummins ISX15-litre or the ‘in-house’ Detroit Diesel DD15, which offers power levels ranging from 500 to 560hp (373 to 417kW). So, basically you can choose to buy one of freightliner coronado used for sale according to your business needs. Each engine type offers different advantages.

For example, the Cummins has a wider range of power ratings, ranging from 485 to 600hp (361 to 447kW), but the major news is that it is even compatible with Coronado chassis. Freightliner stopped selling Cummins engines in 2007, however the dependable 18-speed Eaton Road Ranger manual transmission and Eaton Auto Shift with optional Smart Shift paddle shifters are still available.

With the release of this Freightliner Coronado, it’s a sign that the Cummins are most likely come back into the market. Both Detroit Diesel and Cummins engine options may both be electronically upgraded to their maximum outputs without the need for additional hardware. This, of course, will be a great advantages for the truck operators.

The Truck’s Interior and Sleepers

freightliner coronado Interior and Sleepers
freightliner coronado Interior and Sleepers

Stepping inside the cabin, you’ll discover a comfortable and functional interior adorned by durable cloth accents and studded vinyl. The dash panels are made of durable, injection-molded plastic and include Oregon burl wood trim and accents. The dashboard design might remind you a lot of the Argosy. And the truth is, the Coronado dash adopts the Argosy’s simple gauge design as its model. The gauges’ ivory-colored make them simple to read in any lighting. Each is front-loaded to facilitate easier service. The Coronado uses the steering wheel as one of the handholds for entering and exiting the cab, following what appears to be a trend among US manufacturers. Local engineers are considering adding a second grab rail, but it needs to be made so that it clears the steering wheel without creating a blind spot.

This freightliner coronado for sale by owner is equipped with Ezy-Rider II air-suspension units with lumbar support are comfortable chairs for the driver and passenger. It will gives you maximum comfort, when you drive on unpaved roads and even some on-highway operations running on roads where repairs have not kept up with potholes and corrugations.

For better sleeping environment, the sleeper additionally takes use of sound-absorbing materials in the floor, walls, and roof. To further prevent noise and dust entering, the cab and sleeper are flush-fitted. Freightliner coronado for sale craigslist provides home-away-from-home comforts within the sleeper, such as a foldable second bunk for two-up driving situations, storage space under the bunk, garment racks, and a pull-out tray for filling out paperwork.

It’s crucial that the designers included a completely level floor by making the most of the increased cab height and bonneted form. The floor facilitates movement within the cab and into the sleeper and enables drivers to stand upright without feeling as though they are on a balance beam.

Are you interested in owning this freightliner coronado for sale? You can purchase this freightliner coronado for sale by owner for about $205,000 for a brand new one. You might get better deal if you buy the used truck on Craigslist instead.

List Freightliner Coronado For Sale Near Me

List Freightliner Coronado For Sale Near Me
List Freightliner Coronado For Sale Near Me

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