greyhound bus for sale
greyhound bus for sale

Why is Greyhound Bus for Sale? Here’s the Answer!

Wonder why greyhound bus for sale appeared on Craigslist and other car sites? Here is the reason why!

The news about greyhound bus for sale might come across as shocking to all bus enthusiasts. Among any other bus fleets, Greyhound might be one of the most popular one. Afterall, the largest intercity bus company in North America, including Greyhound Mexico, is run by Greyhound Lines, Inc. (often referred to as just Greyhound). Additionally, it runs package delivery services, commuter bus services, charter bus services, and Amtrak Thruway services.

Why is Greyhound Bus for Sale? Here’s the Answer!

greyhound bus for sale
greyhound bus for sale

Greyhound has 1,700 coach buses with 230 terminals and 1,700 destinations, mostly built by Motor Coach Industries and Prevost. The company’s first route started in Hibbing, Minnesota, in 1914, and in 1929, it changed its name to Greyhound. The business is situated in Downtown Dallas and is owned by Flix North America, Inc., a subsidiary of Flixbus. However, according to the latest news the owner will put greyhound bus for sale. This is shocking indeed, but you will learn all about it from our article below at

Why Greyhound Stops Their Service?

The news about Greyhound’s closing and the appearance of old greyhound bus for sale was indeed surprising. For decades, Greyhound and his bus fleets have provided the best transportation service in the North America. However, after nearly a century of service, Greyhound Canada is permanently eliminating all bus routes throughout the nation and closing its Canadian operations. The motor coach firm has announced that on Thursday, all of its remaining routes in Ontario and Quebec would end permanently. Once the border is reopened, its American affiliate, Greyhound Lines, Inc., will continue to run cross-border trips to Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

The choice was made a year after Greyhound Canada decided to temporarily halt all service due to a steep fall in patronage and increasing travel restrictions associated with the first wave of COVID-19. Apparently, the bus company is also one of many companies that have tough times and weren’t able to bounce back after the pandemic strike. Since years, the bus company has battled deregulation, rising competition, and dwindling ridership. However, the last straw for this corporation was due to the full loss of so-called farebox revenue during the epidemic.

About the Iconic Greyhound Scenicruiser

About the Iconic Greyhound Scenicruiser
About the Iconic Greyhound Scenicruiser

Now that the company stopped their operation, you might find old greyhound bus for sale in many car sites. You might find it’s surprising that you found listings for greyhound bus for sale craigslist. For their fleet, Greyhound used the iconic Scenicruiser. This vintage vehicle was probably one of the most memorable Greyhound buses before they switched into the newer models.

The Scenicruiser was created in collaboration between General Motors and the Greyhound Bus Company and introduced in 1954 under the model number PD-4501. The used greyhound bus for sale was a PD series (for parlor diesel), 45 for the number of seats, and 01 since it was the first bus of its sort to seat 45 passengers. Before the bus was made available to the public, Greyhound registered the moniker Scenicruiser as a trademark.

The deck-and-a-half bus design was not exclusive to General Motors; other bus manufacturers including C.D. Beck, Flxible, ACF-Brill, and Kerrville Bus Company all produced deck-and-a-half buses with varying degrees of success. In fact, in the late 1940s, 35-foot prototypes were being developed by both ACF-Brill and GM’s truck division. However, only General Motors were able to provide over 1,0001 units of vintage greyhound bus for sale to Greyhound.

There’s one interesting fact about this vintage greyhound bus for sale. the Greyhound Bus Company had to persuade a number of states to amend their bus length regulations (most states had a 35-foot limit on bus length in the early Fifties). It’s because the Scenicruiser was about 11 feet tall and 40 feet long that it exceeded the former bus regulations.

The first Scenicruiser prototype was just 35 feet long, and many of its components were shared with GM model PD-4104 buses, which had 41 seats all on one level. The 4501 had two rear axles, although the back axle served only as a stabilizer for the car. Dual 4-71 naturally aspirated diesels that were coordinated to send power to the ground propelled the initial models that were made.

Both engines of this greyhound bus for sale craigslist worked together to produce 320 horsepower. Fluid couplings were used to synchronize the engines, which was fairly problematic. As a result, only roughly 40 dual 4-71 units were made. One Detroit Diesel 8V-71N, which generated 318 horsepower, was installed in later production units. The vintage greyhound bus for sale also equipped with a Spicer four-speed manual transmission. The bus was 8 feet wide, required a turning radius of 45 feet, and weighed more than 29,000 pounds when empty. Greyhound forbade bus drivers taller than 6 feet 2 inches from operating the Scenicruiser due to the front windshield’s low position and deck-and-a-half shape.

For more than ten years, the used greyhound bus for sale served as the foundation of the Greyhound fleet. Given the significant road upgrades started by the Interstate Highway System Initiative of the Eisenhower administration in the mid-1950s, its debut was appropriate. In 1966, GM created a more modern replacement called the PD-4107.

Small front windshields were remained a feature of the more recent buses, but the obvious protrusion between the two decks was no longer there. Up until the 1970s, Scenicruisers maintained a consistent level of service for Greyhound, and many older buses were sold and subsequently utilized as recreational vehicles (RVs) by private owners.

Greyhound Bus’ Features

Greyhound Bus’ Features
Greyhound Bus’ Features

As time progressed, Greyhound did their best to ensure their passengers’ comfort. They not only switch from the first Scenicruiser to the more modern bus prototype. They also add some modern features, such as:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Personal power outlets
  • Reclining leather seats
  • Extra legroom
  • No middle seats
  • Overhead storage
  • On-board restroom
  • Eco-friendly fuel management.

While Greyhound Company is reported to have closed from business, apparently, you can still have a chance to see the vintage buses to run again. According to some recent news, greyhound bus for sale was acquired by Munich-based company named FlixBus.

List Greyhound Bus For Sale Near Me

List Greyhound Bus For Sale Near Me
List Greyhound Bus For Sale Near Me

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