Haul Truck Wheel Chocks

Haul Truck Wheel Chocks

Haul Truck Wheel Chocks Typestrucks.Com Already know semi truck wheel chocks? Or want know checkers wheel chocks?

Haul truck wheel chocks are important tools in the event of a rollover. They are designed to protect your load from damage.

In the event of a rollover, wheel chocks will help prevent a person from sustaining serious injuries. Although this type of restraint is commonly used for all-terrain vehicles, truckers are the ones who most frequently use these pieces of equipment.



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Haul Truck Wheel Chocks

Haul Truck Wheel Chocks

Although these products can be used on any truck, they are especially helpful for those that drive a commercial or semi-truck, as well as passenger vehicles. They are used to prevent the weight of the trailer and the load from interfering with the movement of the trucker’s vehicle. They can be used for transporting multiple loads, even over rough terrain, if there is an easy way to move them.

When the load is loaded, it should be placed on the truck without any excess slack to allow for the weight of the cargo to pull the wheels off center. For heavy loads, the extra space should be kept in place with a tie-down strap.

Haul Truck Wheel Chocks – wheel chock inspection

Once you have decided what the proper configuration is, there will be a shorter setup time because you will be able to properly position the strap without having to remove the load. You should also know that there is more friction when you are using chocks rather than open side chains.

The biggest disadvantage to open chains is that they cannot be retracted or extended. This can be done by manually pushing the chain to the left or right. To overcome this, a convenient hook or lever should be used.

Haul Truck Wheel Chocks – wheel chock placement

Haul Truck Wheel Chocks

One of the best things about the use of chocks is that it does not affect the functionality of the trucker’s vehicle. You do not have to worry about chocking up the trailer tires to the wheels; the chocks are designed to hold onto the frame rails while the trucker is on the road.

For extra protection, it is important to position the chocks at the back of the trucker’s side door. The reason is that the load will be more protected on this side of the vehicle.

Haul Truck Wheel Chocks – heavy equipment wheel chocks

Haul Truck Wheel Chocks

For extra security, another option is to place a chock on the front of the trucker’s vehicle. However, this is not advisable because the doors are usually opened during a commercial delivery.

So what type of weight is safe to put on wheel chocks? These items can be used on all kinds of rollovers; and although they can be used on other kinds of accidents, they are also helpful in the event of a slip and fall injury.

Haul Truck Wheel Chocks – wheel chocks for sale

Most models will allow the load to be moved sideways if there is a full tilt operation of the truck. So if you have a trailer to tow and you need to change directions, these products will allow you to do this safely.

The safest situation is always to maintain as much space between the load and the truck. By doing this, the odds of injury are significantly reduced.

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