Heavy Haul Trucking Salary

Heavy Haul Trucking Salary

Heavy Haul Trucking Salary Typestrucks.com  Already know heavy haul trucking jobs? Or want know heavy haul owner operator pay?

In the trucking industry, a heavy haul trucking salary is considered to be the biggest of all. For truck drivers who make the distinction between a contract or an hourly heavy haul driver salary, there are many variables that come into play that determines this income amount.

Contract heavy haul truck drivers can only earn an hourly rate of pay. This means that for every eight hours of work, one dollar of that wage goes to the contractor that pays the truck driver, and two dollars goes directly to the truck driver.

Heavy Haul Trucking Salary

Heavy Haul Trucking Salary

The drivers that can earn a higher salary will usually have more experience. They are more likely to be in a fleet of vehicles and therefore have the opportunity to earn more money per hour.

The next step up from a contract load driver salary is the permanent heavy haul driver salary. The permanent heavy haul driver salary is the highest of all, with at least twenty-five percent of the driver’s salary going towards the trucking company.

Heavy Haul Trucking Salary – how much does a truck driver make a month

The long haul driver salary is generally considered to be the middle of the road in the trucking industry. It is lower than the contract driver salary, but it has the opportunity to reach even further than the contracted driver salary.

Contract long haul truck drivers do not have to work in a given length of time. Long haul drivers who work less than forty hours a week or drivers who work fewer than eighty hours a week can earn more than drivers who drive contracts.

Long haul truck drivers can also earn less money than contract long haul drivers. Most long haul drivers receive their compensation as part of a base salary that is paid in addition to the full wage.

Heavy Haul Trucking Salary – trucker salary 2022

Most long haul drivers are considered to be full-time employees and are entitled to overtime pay if they work more than eight hours in a day. Long haul drivers may have the ability to earn as much as thirty-three dollars per hour after working twelve hours on the job.

Heavy Haul Trucking Salary

The second step up from the contract load drivers are the full-time drivers. Some full-time truck drivers can earn as much as forty-five hundred dollars per week, but the rest of the money is often passed down to the driver by the company.

Heavy Haul Trucking Salary – mining haul truck driver salary

Heavy Haul Trucking Salary

The third step up from the full-time drivers is the part-time driver. Part-time drivers may work in different states, which means that they cannot receive a lot of monetary compensation.

The fourth step up from the full-time drivers is the part-time drivers who are contract drivers. Some of these contracts may include all or a portion of the driver’s wage, but their earning is limited to what they earn on their contracted hours.

When you look at the heavy haul trucking salary as a whole, there are many different drivers that can earn different amounts of money per hour. The factors that go into determining the truck driver salary can differ from state to state, but the basic components remain the same.


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