how much is a food truck
how much is a food truck

How Much is a Food Truck Cost?

Dreaming to start a food truck business? First thing, you have to figure out how much is a food truck cost. Find out more about them here

Street food culinary have been quite popular these days. Compared to restaurant’s cuisine or café, street food and snacks are usually much cheaper, simple, and delicious. If you’re thinking to start your own street food business, you might want to invest on a food truck. Owning a food truck means you can operate literally everywhere you see fit. You can open a food business without having to pay a rent. So, obviously you might wonder how much is a food truck cost? Here’s everything you need to know.

How Much is a Food Truck Cost? Food Truck’s Prices?

how much is a food truck
how much is a food truck

So, you might only start to imagine the idea of owning a food truck business? Or maybe you’re almost ready to buy a food truck. Either way, you’ll need to figure out how much is a food truck cost first. Before you buy a food truck, you’ll need to determine which food truck would you like to buy. You can buy a brand-new food truck or a used one. Other alternative is, you can buy a used food truck and new kitchen. Each option offers different prices to consider. So, how much is a food truck cost?

If you prefer to buy a brand-new food truck, be prepared to spend a lot of money! A new food truck is always much more expensive than the used one. If you’re wondering how much is a food truck cost for the new one, you’ll need to prepare budget range from $100,000 – $175,000. It might look so expensive at the first glance. However, you wouldn’t need to worry about any hidden costs down the line. You will also get a brand-new kitchen that will increase your productivity.

If you’re a bit short on budget, you might want to consider to pick a used food truck with a brand-new kitchen. This might be a choice for you who prefer to have a new and functional kitchen first. In case you wonder how much is a food truck to buy in this kind of condition, it is actually much cheaper than the brand-new food trucks one. You might need to have $75,000 – $100,000 ready if you’re planning to buy this type of food trucks.

Also, you might wonder how much is a used food truck cost. Among all three, used food truck is actually the cheapest. You can buy a used food truck with budget around $50,000 – $100,000. If you want to install a kitchen, you might have to add an additional $50,000 range budget in your list. That’s not all, you might also have to spend more money to repair some machine or engine parts in the truck to work properly. This hidden cost might catch you off-guard, so it’s better to prepare special budget for that too.

So, now you have the options of which type of food truck you would like to buy. Figuring out how much is a food truck to buy is not the only main issue here. To make a correct decision, you have to weigh each pros and cons. Whether you’re buying a new or a used food truck, you’ll have to consider each of its pros and cons and proceed from that.

Pros of Buying Used Food Truck


You might already know how much is a used food truck cost, and you might consider to buy one for your business. However, there are some things you’ll need to consider. While it might be cheaper than the newer one, purchasing a used food truck also have its own disadvantages. Some pros of buying a used trucks are:

Used Food Truck is More Affordable

Compared to the newest built one, used food truck is undoubtedly much more affordable. This might be the best option if you’re establishing your own business from the ground and don’t want to take out on loans. So, it’s so understandable you find it so appealing

No Need to Register a Permit

If you’re planning to open a food truck business, you’ll need a permit to be able to legally operate. You might have googled and wonder how much is a food truck permit. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about it if you choose to buy a used food truck. As long as you operate in the same area where you bought it, you don’t need to register for a new permit. However, it only works if you purchase a food truck who was on the road quite recently. If it’s the older one, then you’ll have to renew the permit.

Cons of Buying Used Food Trucks

Cons of Buying Used Food Trucks
Cons of Buying Used Food Trucks

What are the cons of buying a used food truck? Find out here.

Any Form of Warranty Might be Expired

Warranties is the most important thing if you decide to buy a food trucks. Without it, you’ll be left on your device when something breaks. Unfortunately, a used food trucks is most likely have expired warranty that you can’t possibly use. Which means, in case there are some parts of the vehicle or the kitchen equipment is broken, you’ll have to repair it using your own money.

Unexpected Problems and Breakdowns

You can’t be certain what will and won’t work when you purchase a used vehicle and other equipment. The general state of the truck and kitchen may be difficult to evaluate. Particularly, if the owner doesn’t even remember when was the last time they put it to maintenance. You might inherit extra issues because the owner may have put off repairs to save money.

You might have to put out extra money to repair some machine or to improve the general condition of the vehicle. Running a free vehicle history report is one precaution you should take because it can let you know about odometer tampering, prior damage, and other potentially expensive red flags. To account for and be ready for these unforeseen issues, it could also be a good idea to look into food truck insurance.

That’s all information you need to know and understand before you decide on purchasing a food truck. Using this information, you can predict how much is a food truck and be more prepared before purchasing. Also, if you wonder about how much is a food truck permit, it might range between $50 to $500. Though it may vary depending on the city you’re currently in.

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