How much is uhaul
How much is uhaul

How Much is Uhaul Truck Rental Service?

Ever wonder how much is uhaul truck service really is? You might want to read our Typestrucks guide below to find out.

How Much is Uhaul Truck Rental Service?

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How much is uhaul truck rental service? Everyone has seen the $19.95 per day promotion that is displayed on the side of what appears to be every U-Haul van and truck across the nation. And the cost seems really reasonable. However, that $19.95 U-Haul rate will probably only make up a minor portion of your total costs, just as renting a truck is only one small aspect of your relocation.

Knowing the real answer to how much is uhaul truck service will actually helps you a lot in planning your budget during moving. That way, you will also know which rental service from the company that suits your needs. We’ve compiled the best guide below that will help you find the right price of the service.

How Much is Uhaul Truck Rental Service Cost?

How Much is Uhaul Truck Rental Service Cost?
How Much is Uhaul Truck Rental Service Cost?

So, you might think that your question of how much is uhaul truck rental service is answered only from its advertisement. However, we discovered the $19.95 price point only applies to local moves, not a “one-way” move, where you drop off at a different place, aka a long-distance move, after attempting to rent a truck on their website.

Any one of their three smallest alternatives is also the only one to offer the renowned $19.95 pricing point:

  • 8-foot U-Haul pickup vehicle
  • 10′ U-Haul Rental truck, and
  • 9′ U-Haul cargo van

To be exact, below are the clearer image of how much is uhaul service really amount:

  • Fee for a rental truck ($19.95 per day — depending on availability)
  • Mileage fees: rates depend on the region and distance traveled (Not applicable to trailers)
  • Insurance premiums that cover damage protection
  • Fuel expenses (not applicable to trailers)
  • Environmental fees (trailers are exempt)
  • Equipment leasing
  • Additional charges, such as cleaning, tolls, damage, parking, and drop-off fees
  • Taxes

Because distance and tax rates vary, it is impossible to estimate the exact cost of a particular truck size. It’s also quite impossible to know the exact amount of how much is uhaul trucking service. But local U-Haul truck prices are the same worldwide. You can use websites that estimate costs for specific truck sizes. However, we’ve provided you with the graph of U-haul move expenses if you want a calculation based on actual, user-submitted prices of U-Haul.

U-Haul’s Truck Rental Service
  Local Move

Under 50 miles

Medium Distance

50-250 miles

Long Distance

250+ miles

Average Cost $128 $290 $1,046
Average Review 4.35/5.0 4.17/5.0 4.18/5.0
Average Cost Per Mile N/A $2.78 $1.41


Can You Rent a U-Haul Truck for More Than a Day?

Can You Rent a U-Haul Truck for More Than a Day?
Can You Rent a U-Haul Truck for More Than a Day?

After you know the precise amount of how much is uhaul truck service, you might want to find more answer about it. Sometimes, there are so many furnitures to bring that you can’t just take all of them in one go. In that case, you might have to rent the truck for more than one day.

Fortunately, if you need the rental for a local relocation for a period of time longer than 24 hours, you can (often) extend it at the same daily fee. All you had to do was phone the store and request an extension before the truck was scheduled to return.

Additionally, there is no restriction on how many days you may prolong your rental. Only if your truck was reserved for the days you desired would there be an exception. It is therefore better to make an extension when making your initial reservation. If not, you must return your current rental truck and obtain a new one that isn’t blocked out for the extra days you need.

If there were no rental trucks available but you needed to prolong your rental for more than one day, U-Haul would probably suggest one of their moving containers as a substitute, if those were accessible in your location. Cash customers are required to put down either a $100 deposit or the expected rental fees, whichever is greater. Once the vehicle was returned, this would eventually be reimbursed — minus our overall cost.

Depending on the route, U-Haul allots a minimum number of days with your truck for long-distance transfers. If the travel is only 150 miles or less, this might only take one day. Yes, you can extend your long-distance rental for additional days if you work with your nearby U-Haul office in advance and your truck is still available.

Below are the price estimation of how much is uhaul rental price for multiple days rental:

  • U-Haul trailers cost $20 per day
  • U-Haul trucks cost $40 per day, and
  • U-Haul towing equipment costs $20 per day.

How Much is UHaul Trailer Rental Service?

How Much is UHaul Trailer Rental Service?
How Much is UHaul Trailer Rental Service?

You might need to rent a trailer if you need bigger truck to load your furniture during moving. U-Haul offers three different kinds of trailers:

  • Cargo trailers
  • Utility trailers
  • Car carriers (only accessible in certain locations)

Depending on location availability, U-Haul offers trailers that hook to vehicles and trucks for smaller loads, something extremely fragile, or even something that has to be quarantined. According to U-Haul, they are ideal for moving a dorm room.

So, how much is uhaul trailer rental service? U-Haul sells these for as little as $14.95 (not including tax), but just like their trucks, this price is only valid for the lowest sizes and only if you’re moving locally. You may keep them for as many days as you choose, provided that space is available.

For long-distance moves, you typically have five days to utilize a U-Haul trailer. Your start and end locations will serve as the basis for your quote. All trailers are subject to standard U-Haul rates (less petrol and mileage), and – most significantly – they all come with installation fees if you don’t have the right hitch.

How Much is Uhaul Hitch Installment Cost?

How Much is Uhaul Hitch Installment Cost?
How Much is Uhaul Hitch Installment Cost?

To attach to your car, any style of U-Haul trailer needs the right hitch and lighting. If your own hitch is compatible, you can use it. It should be a Class 2 or Class 3 with a 2-inch hitch ball (a Class 1 hitch is similar to a bike rack hitch, in case you were wondering). You must install an appropriate hitch if you don’t already have one. You can either do that yourself or schedule a time to have U-Haul install a hitch for a charge of approximately $100 or more.

However, be aware that U-Haul won’t install hitches from other companies. Of course, installing trailer hitches will increase the cost of your U-Haul rental. So, how much is Uhaul hitch installment service actually costs? See our breakdown below:

  • Hitch’s cost $149.95
  • Lifetime warranty for the hitch installment are about $5
  • Ball Mount cost $24.95
  • Hitch Ball will cost about $12.95
  • Pine and Clip installment is about $2.95
  • Wiring is around $89.95
  • 2-years U-Haul wiring service plan: $10
  • Hitch’s instalation fee is $180
  • Taxes: $33.32
  • Total (taxes already added): $509.07.


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