How to Draw a Truck
How to Draw a Truck

How to Draw a Truck? An Easy Guide for Children!

Let’s admit it, trucks are cool. They are big, sturdy, and able to operate in challenging terrains. Trucks is also help tremendously distributing goods and cargo from one city to another, ensuring they reached to the final destination safely. Trucks also contribute to the growth economy and enhance company’s productivity. And of course, kids love truck! They might even try to draw one, but you’ll have to admit drawing truck might not be the easiest task. So, how to draw a truck for kids? Here are simple guide you might be looking for from

How to Draw a Truck With Simple Step

How to Draw a Truck
How to Draw a Truck

Now if you wonder how to draw a truck easy, consider this as a start. You can draw a simple truck using basic shapes that are easier to draw. It is important to use a pencil first, since you might have to erase some parts. A ruler is also needed to draw straight and symmetrical lines. It is also better to draw small truck first, before you learn how to draw a bigger one. Now, if you want to learn how to draw a truck using easy and simple steps, follow instructions below:

  1. First of all, draw three shapes consist of tall, long, and short rectangles. You can draw the long rectangle first. Then, add the taller one right next to it. The last shorter one will be right next to the tall rectangle
  2. Next step to how to sketch a truck is adding two simple small circles on the first and the third rectangle. Don’t forget to round off the upper right corner of both rectangles
  3. Use your pen and make pen lines along the lines you’ve created earlier. Wait until the ink dry before you erase the pencil lines
  4. Now, you can start drawing doors and windows. You can use simple shapes to draw these parts. For the door, you can draw a simple square within the second taller rectangle. You can also add the door handle using a simple oval or maybe a small circle. For the window, draw a small square with rounded upper corner. Or, you can always use any shape to your liking.
  5. Now, here’s the fun part on how to sketch a truck easy. It’s time to draw small details to make your truck looks amazing. You can add some extra lines or curves. Or, maybe you can also draw more shapes like flowers, stars, and others. Your children will certainly love this part. Don’t forget to add details on the wheels to make it look more realistic.

How to Draw A Monster Truck


Ready for second challenge? You can try to draw a monster truck. Monster truck have a distinctive shape where the wheels are much larger than the truck body. It’s a bit challenging, but it’s certainly worth to try. Here are simple way on how to draw a monster truck:

  1. First of all, draw the bottom part of monster truck’s body. Start by drawing horizontal line followed with two bumps for the wheels. Then, draw the entire upper body of the truck
  2. Now, it’s time to draw the giant wheels! Right under the truck’s body, draw two large circles for the wheels. Then draw another two smaller ones within for the rims. Add some small lines around the inner part of the large wheels for tire treads
  3. Add the wheels’ shocks by adding two lines from each wheels and connect it to the body. To make it look springier, you can add small details, such as small lines or spirals
  4. Add more details to your monster truck. Add window, door, and maybe some patterns to make your truck looks more interesting
  5. Don’t forget to add an exhaust pipe by drawing a small rectangle shape behind the cab. You can also add some smoke on top of it. And, you’re done! Aren’t these steps on how to draw a monster truck so easy?

How to Draw a Semi Truck


Wondering how to draw a semi truck? It might look challenging, as there might so many going on. Fret not! You can easily draw the truck by following directions below:

  1. First of all, draw a big rectangle for the truck’s main section
  2. Draw the second smaller rectangle for the truck’s hood. Make sure it’s intersected with the bigger rectangle you’ve drawn earlier. Divide the rectangle into two parts, with the right one inside the big rectangle, while the other is outside
  3. Below both rectangles, draw an elongated rectangle for the lower part of your truck. Then draw four small circles for the wheels
  4. Next, make some windows and the truck’s windshields by drawing slanted rectangles
  5. Next stop on how to draw a semi truck is to draw the wheels’ fenders by drawing some combined arcs on top of the circles
  6. Add grills on the front side of the truck by drawing a rectangle and divide it by lines
  7. For the top of your truck, add a semi rectangle curved on the left portion part
  8. Then, add some doors, gas tank, and exhaust by drawing some rectangles in different size
  9. Use pen to draw the outlines and some details you’ve added
  10. Wait until the pen dries and erase the unnecessary pencil lines
  11. You can also add some details for the wheels or some symbols on the body part. And you’re done!

How to Draw a Fire Truck


Being a firefighter is indeed a wonderful profession. Many children even dream to be a firefighter themselves. You can add fuel to their dream by drawing a fire truck together. How to draw a fire truck? Fortunately, all you need to do is following these simple steps:

  1. First, draw a rectangle on your paper using a pencil
  2. Then, add two more rectangles in different size and divide them into two sections
  3. Next, draw two circles for the wheels with hubcaps
  4. Draw more details, by adding wheel rims, lights, and cab windows
  5. Next step on how to draw a fire truck is to add more details by adding front cab bumper including lights, and some patterns
  6. Draw long ladder on the back of the truck. You can also add more details to make it more realistic
  7. Add pump panel and hose. And you’re done!

So that’s several ways on how to draw a truck. Don’t hesitate to use your creativity to add more details on your drawings to make it more impressive. You can also color the drawing and brag about them to your friends!

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