plow trucks for sale near me
plow trucks for sale near me

How to Find Best Plow Trucks for Sale Near Me!

Snow plowing might be one of the best side jobs to do this Winter. To find the best plow trucks for sale near me, read our guide below

Winter is coming, and so does the snow. When it’s snowing or after snowstorms, you might see snow piling on the street. During this season, many people will do literally anything to gain some extra cash. Including, purchasing a plow truck for their small, seasonal business. If you’d rather not wrecking the current transmission that your truck has, searching for plow trucks for sale near me might be a good idea. Finding the best snow plow trucks for sale near me is not an easy task. It is however, not an impossible thing to do. To find the best snow plow trucks for you, read our guide below.

What is Considered as a Good Plow Truck?

What’s the main criteria to look for when you’re browsing over plow trucks for sale near me? An excellent pickup truck for snowplowing is one that can handle the workload you put on it without needing numerous repairs or costly maintenance. According to Popular Mechanics magazine, an ideal plow truck should be able to carry the load of the plow system out front without significantly impacting handling.

plow trucks for sale near me
plow trucks for sale near me

Furthermore, the best snow plow truck should also have a powerful alternator so that you have access to adequate electricity to run your plowing machinery. It also requires a strong transmission and a dependable engine. A brand-new snow plow truck might be able to give you its best performance. However, you can also get the same performance even if you’re using a used snow plow truck. Of course, you’ll have to pay more attention when you’re looking for used snow plow trucks for sale by owner near me.

Tips to Find the Best Plow Trucks for Sale Near Me

So, let’s say you’ve found several list of used snow plow trucks for sale by owner near me. Now, what? Well, there are numerous ways to ensure that you find the best snow plow truck for your business. Here are some points to look for when you’re hunting for snow plow trucks for sale near me:


Your truck’s on-board and plug-in electronics get their electricity from the alternator in your car. Consider it a tiny generator. Your combustion engine drives a belt that rotates the alternator, which creates electricity. That’s why, checking on the alternator when looking for used plow trucks for sale near me is a mandatory.


Having said that, a plow vehicle uses more power than usual. You could also be supplying electricity to a road salt spreader, a pair of floodlights, a remote-controlled blade hitch, and more. This power demand is simply too great for a weak alternator to handle. When purchasing a new truck, ask the salesperson about the “snowplow package,” which should come with a 160-amp alternator. When purchasing a used snow plow trucks for sale near me, be sure it has 160 amps.

Truck’s Torque and Horsepower

Yes, these two ideas complement one another. In simpler terms, horsepower is the speed at which your torque acts. Your engine’s power is represented by your torque, and how quickly you can repeatedly dip into that resource is represented by your horsepower.

When using a snowplow, you need a truck with plenty of both. The rate at which you push your heavy plow blade is meaningless if you don’t have the necessary power to push it, therefore you ultimately want to focus more on torque since you’re not only operating a vehicle but also pushing a lot of additional weight. The least amount of power you desire is a V-6 engine. A V-8 is what most industry plow operators advise. When you’re looking for a used plow trucks for sale near me. Make sure the snow plow vehicle’s power specification matches the minimum requirement.

Truck’s Transmission

There is certain pride associated with driving a stick, that’s for sure. The fact is that using an automatic transmission with a snowplow has a few significant benefits. One reason is that an automatic transmission can change speeds more quickly than you can, which saves your drivetrain wear and tear.

Truck’s Transmission
Truck’s Transmission

Beyond that, an automatic transmission makes it much simpler to shift into a lower gear, something a plow operator might want to do if they find themselves on icy roads. While it is possible to convert a truck with a manual gearbox into a plow, most people agree that doing so is more work without any added benefit.

Capability of Four-Wheel Drive

Even on a good day, driving in the snow is tricky. On the other hand, it is quite likely that you’ll be driving in a real snowstorm. There could be a ton of unanticipated issues if you take into account how tough it is to handle a plow blade. If you often find yourself in that kind of situation, you might look for something more than common snow plow trucks for sale near me.

Capability of Four-Wheel Drive
Capability of Four-Wheel Drive

If you want to use your truck to shovel snow, four-wheel drive is a requirement. You will be able to climb those steep, unplowed roads with it helping you gain some much-needed traction. If you think finding the four-wheel drive used plow trucks for sale near me is tricky, you’ll be surprised! Because, fortunately, four-wheel drive trucks are widely available. Just be careful not to miss this feature in your haste to get a car on the road.

Front Suspension

Another thing to look for when searching for plow trucks for sale near me is its front suspension. For your information, the weight of a plow blade can exceed 1,000 pounds. Even though your truck is a workhorse, if you keep it as is, so much front weight will eventually cause suspension issues. When you drove your truck off the lot, the suspension was adjusted at a height that made sense. It isn’t configured for a plow blade.

You can lift a truck higher to support that additional frontal weight if you get one with adjustable front suspension. In addition to poor vision due to your headlights not hitting the road at the proper angle, letting your suspension drop too low for an extended period of time may result in severe wear and tear on the suspension system.

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