Jersey Dogs Food Truck

Jersey Dogs Food Truck For Sale Near Me

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My Visit to the Jersey Dogs Food Truck

One of the newer food trucks to hit the town is the Jersey Dogs Food Truck. It started out as just a small trailer where food and drinks were served along with the usual snacks. However, it has grown into one of the hottest food trucks in town.

Two of their favorite things to serve are fried chicken and popcorn. With fresh-baked bagels being offered at the concession stand. But the best thing about this is that they also have cold beer on tap.

The first time I visited this food truck was on a Thursday afternoon. They had a line out the door for the chicken that they served. Every seat was taken, as did my table. So, I went down to the patio for a quick bite.

Jersey Dogs Food Truck

Jersey Dogs Food Truck

The second visit to the Jersey Dogs Food Truck I found myself sitting outside on the terrace with a drink in my hand while the kiddos played outside. They were on a day where they wanted to be outside playing. At one point the sun got too hot for them and they weren’t interested in spending much time outside. That is when the food truck came to life with the warm desert that they make.


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I got a combination hot dog and sausages. It was a bit too salty for my taste but, if you like salty, this might be the food for you. The best part of eating here is that the kiddos had their fill before I could finish my treat.

The hot dog I had was a combination of melted Swiss cheese, bacon and bbq sauce. And that is what I call a good sandwich. I got to try some of the other stuff that they offer as well.

One of the other sandwiches that I tried was the hot dog with chili cheese fries. In fact, I just finished that for lunch yesterday and I cannot wait to try the chili cheese fries tonight.

Jersey Dogs Food Truck – hot dog truck near me

Jersey Dogs Food Truck

I really enjoyed the homemade sodas. It was refreshing to get a cold drink and not have to worry about getting a soda. Plus the coffee, tea and coke are all cold and taste great as well.

This is a good thing for me because I am a big coffee drinker. My diet consists of nothing but cold beverages. I have been drinking this product since it was first introduced to the market.

The lady at the Jersey Dogs Food Truck was really nice and it made me feel like I came home after a long trip. You will also notice that this truck is very eco-friendly.

Jersey Dogs Food Truck

The next time I come to this food truck, I will be ordering the homemade soup and fruit smoothies. I love to mix and match a few of the flavors to get the perfect one for me.

Jersey Dogs Food Truck

I really enjoyed the good food, fun atmosphere and the great drinks at this place. I hope to visit them again soon.

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