kenworth t660 for sale
kenworth t660 for sale

Complete Review of Kenworth T660 for Sale!

Thinking to buy kenworth t660 for sale? Read our review below first before you make the decision at

Kenworth is one of the most popular truck manufacturers that we know for ages. Among all of its creations, Kenworth T660 is probably one of the best. Especially if you see number of kenworth t660 for sale that keeps increasing from time to time, it shows how much this truck type are known to all truckers. Kenworth t660 for sale in california and in other regions have been showing some increase. Although it might come off as surprising, if you’ve observe the shift of trend lately, it might be quite predictable.

Complete Review of Kenworth T660 for Sale!

kenworth t660 for sale
kenworth t660 for sale

Given the steadily rising cost of fuel, it is not surprising that the concern for lower drag coefficients and aerodynamic designs has started to garner more attention than ever. The Kenworth T660 is one of the most aerodynamic vehicles on the road. Its slick shape defies the air and provides improved fuel efficiency. The Kenworth T660 comes with both single and sleeper cab options and is powered by a variety of strong MX engines that produce between 380 and 485 hp. Read more of our guide below to discover complete review of kenworth t660 for sale.


kenworth t660 for sale Design
kenworth t660 for sale Design

Kenworth t660 for sale was initially begun at 2008. Ever since then, the truck have sparked various reactions from truckers and automotive lovers. The truck’s design has been one of the most highlighted feature found in all conversations. The T660 was regularly evaluated in the wind tunnel by Kenworth until it was one of the most aerodynamic trucks on the road today. Kenworth’s skillful engineers gave each component of the truck its full attention and developed it to have the lowest possible drag coefficient. The sloped hood, paired with a curved windscreen, an aerodynamic bumper, and fairings, adds to the car’s slick appearance.

The front part of this t660 kenworth for sale has the standard Kenworth grille, which is divided into two pieces by a vertical stripe running through the middle and is nicely bordered in chrome. While the air channeled through the hood inlets comes straight to the air cleaner and temperature control system, the air sent through the grille is intended to the engine, keeping it cool.

The streamlined light clusters complement the truck’s slick design well and are outfitted with ordinary halogen bulbs that generate 44% greater light output than a typical sealed beam lamp. Additionally, you can also order t660 kenworth for sale with Xenon HID headlights as an option. Aluminum and fiberglass are used in the construction of the standard cab on the kenworth t660 for sale in california, and aircraft-grade huck bolts are used to prevent corrosion and noise.

Interior and Comfort

Hop inside the vehicle and you’ll discover a fairly peaceful environment with lots of room and nice ergonomics. Kenworth T660 h has frequently been criticized for being cheap when it comes to the interior. Mostly because the materials are inferior than those of Mack or Volvo. Compared to competitors, the fittings and construction quality are also surprisingly subpar, so those who poke and prod the dashboard to examine its contours will be bitterly dissatisfied. On the brighter side, we like the optional, highly tufted inside that is offered for the premium trim levels.

Several switches, gauges, and controls that have an easy-to-understand layout are installed on the curving dashboard of this kenworth t660 for sale in texas. The gauges in the instrument cluster have a pleasant, gentle blue light that makes them easy to read and is not jarring to the eye. Another information display that is positioned in the center of the instrument cluster and is lit by a brilliant green color contrasts oddly with the rest of the indicators.

Kenworth T660’s steering wheel design isn’t the exact thing that crossed our mind. However, we do agree that it feels comfortable in the hand can be easily navigated. It should come as no surprise that the elevated driving posture, enormous two-piece windshield, and plate-sized door mirrors contribute to exceptional all-around sight. The aero cabs have a ton of space, large, comfortable beds, and lots of storage to make your time on board more convenient. With or without high roofs, kenworth t660 studio sleeper for sale are available in up to six different configurations.

Everything was in reach even without the convenient optional steering wheel controls. This is somewhat attributable to the cramped cab arrangement, but it’s also a credit to the thought and effort Kenworth engineers put into the control scheme, instrument cluster, and other ergonomic aspects. The interior of this kenworth t660 studio sleeper for sale was remarkably snug despite being brand new; nothing vibrated or rattled. It made for remarkably fatigue-free driving when combined with the incredibly quiet ISX15.

Engine and Performance

kenworth t660  Engine and Performance
kenworth t660 Engine and Performance

Under its steeply slanted front bonnet, the kenworth t660 for sale in texas housed a brand-new 500-hp Cummins ISX15 as part of its opulent aerodynamic upgrade package. With the UltraShift and AMT working together, I would have plenty of power available when needed to drag up those steep grades. On the descent, the simple thumb tap brake controls for the Cummins engine situated on the steering wheel came in helpful.

The Eaton UltraShift PLUS automated transmission, which was created to deliver maximum performance and relatively low fuel use, is bolted to the engines. The Paccar MX series also includes a built-in electronic control module system and individual injection pumps to further reduce fuel consumption.

The cylinder block and head of the engine are constructed of compacted graphite iron, which is lightweight and extremely robust and enhances engine performance. The integrated lubrication module of the MX combines filters, a thermostat, and an oil cooler that are connected directly to the engine without the use of external lines in order to prolong service intervals.

The Verdict

kenworth t660  The Verdict
kenworth t660 The Verdict

So, what do you think of Kenworth T660? The vehicle accomplishes its primary goal of transporting large payloads while using the least amount of fuel possible. The vehicle has to prioritize its aerodynamic capabilities in order to adhere to the company’s basic beliefs, and regardless of whether you like the way it looks, you’ll appreciate its low drag coefficient. It’s quite sad that Kenworth stopped producing this car in 2017.

The Kenworth T660 performs admirably and is equipped with powerful engines and sturdy axles where it counts. The sleeper cab gives enormous amounts of space and comfortable beds, while the long-lasting anticorrosive aluminum cab is moderately pleasant despite its cheap plastics and the generally poor constructed quality. While it might not be produced anymore, you can get this kenworth t660 for sale for at least $84,950.

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