LMTV for Sale
LMTV for Sale

Facts About LMTV for Sale, Everything You Need to Know!

LMTV for sale is probably one of the best military vehicle out there. They also have some interesting facts that you must know below at Typestrucks.com.

Facts About LMTV for Sale, Everything You Need to Know

LMTV for Sale
LMTV for Sale

Lmtv for sale Is probably one of the coolest military vehicles out there. When the U.S. Army was developing specifications for a new truck to replace the deteriorating M35 in the 1980s, Austrian truck manufacturer Steyr started developing a new platform based on the 12M18, a vehicle initially created for the Austrian Bundesheer. Military units in Canada, Kuwait, Pakistan, and Thailand also employ the 12M18. In 1988, the Army published its specifications for a family of medium tactical vehicles (FMTV), also known as m1078 lmtv for sale. In the following two years, Steyr collaborated with Houston-based Stewart & Stevenson to send three prototype vehicles to the United States. Steyr and Stewart & Stevenson won the bid in October 1991.

One interesting fact about this lmtv for sale is that the FMTV was heavily reengineered to be available as the 4×4 2.5-tone Light Medium Tactical Vehicle (LMTV) and the 6×6 5-tone Medium Tactical Vehicle. It is based on an Austrian truck, the Steyr 12M18 (MTV). Both lmtv camper for sale versions share more than 90% of its parts, including numerous commercial ones like the cab, engine, drive train, tires, wheels, front suspension, and axles. The M1078 cargo is the standard LMTV, while the M1083 is the standard 6×6 base. You can find more interesting information about the military vehicle below.

LMTV’s Available Variants

LMTV’s Available Variants
LMTV’s Available Variants

As previously stated, the 2.5 ton (4 by 4) FMTV is known as the Light Medium Tactical Vehicle (LMTV), while the 5 ton (6 by 6) FMTV is known as the Medium Tactical Vehicle (MTV). The FMTV is based on the Austrian Steyr 12 M 18 (44) truck, however it has undergone significant modifications to satisfy US Army specifications that required at least 50% US content. Although based on the 12 M 18 chassis-cab, the original 15 FMTV prototypes were built in Austria and equipped with a variety of US-supplied and -specified parts, including as a Caterpillar diesel engine, Allison automatic transmission, and Meritor drive axles.

The m1078 lmtv for sale is probably among the most popular one. Both soldiers and goods can be transported with the M1078 basic cargo vehicle. It can carry a payload of 2.27 t, and the bed-side rails may be lowered and mounted on hinges to make loading and unloading easier. For the transportation of soldiers, the cargo bed can be fitted with an optional bench seat kit. When not in use, the bench seats may be folded down and stored; they are made of a non-wood material and attach to the cargo bed side rails. It’s highly convenient, hence one of the main reasons why many people are searching for lmtv m1078 for sale.

lmtv m1078 for sale
lmtv m1078 for sale

Additionally, a ladder that is stored on this lmtv m1078 for sale while not in use aids soldiers in getting into and out of the cargo bed area. For weatherproofing both soldiers and cargo, a canvas and bows package is supplied. An optional electrically controlled self-recovery winch kit that can be used for both fore and aft vehicle recovery operations is available for the M1078.

As for the capacity, the driver and two passengers can ride in the cab. An armored cab was created as a result of experience in Iraq. It goes by the name of Low Signature Armored Cab (LSAC). In the field, it takes a team of 2 men 4 hours to remove the conventional cab and replace it with an armored cab. The armored cab shields the occupants from mine bursts, artillery shell fragments, and small weapons fire. These were commonly employed in Afghanistan and Iraq. Later, a new armored cab known as the Long Term Armor Strategy (LTAS) was unveiled. Depending on the threat, it can adopt different armor levels.

Furthermore, this lmtv camper for sale also boast powerful engine. A Caterpillar 3115 ATAAC 6.6-liter turbocharged diesel engine with 225 horsepower powers the vehicle. This engine was regarded as having low emissions and excellent efficiency at the time of its introduction. Later, a Caterpillar 3116 engine upgrade was installed. It’s interesting that the 6×6 variant has a more potent engine. The transmission is completely automatic and connected to the engine. Power steering is present on the truck. As a standard, a central tire pressure system is also installed.

The M1078 basic model comes in a wide variety, including:

  • Extended wheelbase design
  • Extended-wheelbase structure
  • Tractors
  • Dump trucks, and
  • Specialized version for airdrops at low altitudes.

Other lmtv for sale craigslist also offer numerous advantages. The FMTV is about 3 feet shorter than its predecessors with bonnets on a model-for-model basis, but it still has C-130 Hercules transport capabilities. All original FMTV variations, subject to load dimensions, are C-130 transportable at GVWR, and all types able to be flown underslung by helicopter are equipped with a sliding outrigger system. Low Velocity Air Drop (LVAD) and Low Altitude Parachute Extraction System (LAPES) variants of the A0 production LMTV (M1081 cargo and M1093 cargo and M1094 dump) were made. The FMTV’s cab and chassis have strong corrosion protection. It was the first truck to pass the 22-year accelerated corrosion test done by the US Army.

One remarkable thing about the lmtv for sale craigslist is their ever-changing designs. Thorough improvements/refinements have been made continuously during FMTV’s production cycle to further improve dependability, user friendliness, and operational flexibility. A typical bolted/huck-bolted, cold-formed C-section chassis with bolted-in tubular cross-members serves as the foundation for FMTV. Sweden is the source of the high-grade 758 MPa steel that is used. A winch with an 11,000 lb. line pull, the DP-10J, can be installed on some LMTV variations. A DP-515 winch with a 15,500 lb. line pull is used by MTV variations.

The 7.2-liter six-cylinder Caterpillar C7 diesel engine used in FMTV A1P2s is consistent with 2007 EPA emissions regulations and produces 275 horsepower and 860 pound-feet of torque in LMTV versions and 330 horsepower and 860 pound-feet of torque in MTV variants. [1][3] The engine of 2004 EPA emissions certified FMTV A1Rs produces the same amount of power. The 3126 ATAAC engine, which was first used in FMTV A1 variations, produced 275 horsepower at 2400 rpm and 815 lb-ft of torque at 1,600 rpm in LMTV variants and 330 horsepower and 850 lb-ft of torque in MTV variants. So, are you interested in purchasing ths lmtv for sale?

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