Loading Log Trucks

Loading Log Trucks

Loading Log Trucks Typestrucks.Com Already know log loader? Or want know side loader log truck?

In years past, the loading log trucks were used mainly for hauling logs from tree stumps to sawmills. They were also used as sheds on ladders or other supporting structures and could be hauled by the logs themselves, depending on the load rate. The loading log trucks are generally recognized by their lugs (riding on the lug wheel) that can be drawn into a vertical position, or removed from the truck by pulling a lug bar.

Of course, this means that they were designed for one thing only: loading logs. There was no alternative available that would allow for a more versatile transportation system.



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Loading Log Trucks

Loading Log Trucks

Today, you will find that most logging companies offer loads that fit most any demand. These have now been equipped with things such as rollers that will transport more than one log at a time.

Log loading trucks have come a long way since the days of eight horsepower engines. However, if you need your logs transported faster and with less effort, then you should look for log trucks that use diesel engines. These engines will not require heavy maintenance. They are easier to start and run than traditional engines, but do require less fuel to operate.

Loading Log Trucks – self loading log trucks for sale

The loading log trucks, like all vehicle parts, must be maintained and changed on a regular basis to ensure that they are working properly. Oil changes are recommended every two years. When the engine cools off and after winter breaks, the oil should be drained and replaced with a new one.

The standard load of logging is approximately twenty-two feet in length, so the trucks have been retrofitted with extra large treads on the front and full size tires. There should be an on-board lubricant that can be used to prevent wheel slips during transportation.

Loading Log Trucks – self loading log truck for hire

Loading Log Trucks

If you are moving larger logs, there is a specific type of trailer, known as a static load trailer, that is especially designed for loading and offloading larger logs. It is a winch that connects to the motor and a trailer that are hooked up to the back of the tractor.

A front loader will usually not carry a storage component that is designed for carrying lumber. This is because these log trucks will only be operating for log cutting purposes. However, if you are looking for a modern truck for outdoor storage, you should consider a static trailer that is used to transport water.

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It is also important to get trucks that are constructed from strong construction materials that are durable enough to handle the rough terrain. These trucks are also available in different sizes, including cargo vans and medium to large dump trucks.

Loading Log Trucks

These log trucks are built with a steel frame that provides the ultimate strength. It is supported by four axles and the tow bars. The cab sides are made of stainless steel to ensure that they are weather resistant and that they do not rust.

Loading Log Trucks – log truck videos

All of the parts of the truck are made out of sturdy materials so that they do not rust. There are also some truck parts that are fully automatic, including a hydraulic lift arm and a tailgate that can be raised and lowered. There are other parts that are manual, such as the tires that are permanently attached to the truck.

Log trucks are also known as lorries, but that does not mean that they do not have their advantages. When used correctly, they can save time and money for the loggers, which is why many companies make trucking their primary source of income. Log trucks can be used for backhoes and lawn mowers as well, which is another reason that the companies make a killing.

Log trucks are great to have when it comes to working with logs. You will not go wrong if you choose a truck with a hydraulic lift or tailgate assemblies.

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