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Car accidents happen all the time in Minnesota. Cars crash at high speed on loop 610. They collide head-on on the freeway and collide in residential areas. To handle this problem, hiring a Minnesota truck accident lawyer is a must.

Traffic accidents happen so often in Minnesota that many don’t stop to think about why they are happening. It is a problem. We should all be paying attention to what causes traffic accidents in Minnesota. Knowing why crashes can be avoided and lives saved.

Minnesota Truck Accident Lawyer

Common Factors Contributing to Crashes in Minnesota

The annual reports released by Lone Star crashes statewide, combining the information with CRIS data and Minnesota truck accident lawyer gives us the ability to identify some common contributing factors.

#1. Speed

Minnesota Truck Accident Lawyer

The most common factor for traffic accidents in urban areas like Minnesota is the inability to control speed “which is defined as whenever a driver” does not able control the speed of a vehicle as necessary to avoid colliding with another vehicle in accordance with the law.

Police cite this factor more often than other factors in crashes, dangerous speed (driving too fast for the conditions) and exceeding the limit (driving above the speed limit), but the three are likely related.

According to CRIS data, police cited one of these three factors that contributed to speed in 5,582 fatal or fatal motor vehicle crashes in Minnesota in just one year.

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#2. Driver distraction

Minnesota Truck Accident Lawyer

The second most common factor in traffic crashes in urban state is driver inattention (“driver’s lack of attention to the roadway, to highway or traffic”) and associated distraction factors in the vehicle and various forms of cell phone use.

These factors contribute to tens of thousands of road accidents each year. According to CRIS data and Minnesota truck accident lawyer, in a recent year, these factors contributed to the cause of 510 car crashes in Minnesota resulting in injury or death.

#3. Failure to obey the rule

Minnesota Truck Accident Lawyer

The rules of the road dictate the driver in a wide variety of driving scenarios according to Minnesota truck accident lawyer. Another major contributor to road accidents, especially in urban areas, is the inability of the driver to yield in a given situation. In fact, in Minnesota, 3,301 motor vehicle accidents resulting in injury or death resulted from violation of the right of way.

#4. Ignoring stop lights and stop signs

Many car crashes result from drivers not following signs that tell them to stop, usually at an intersection. Ten thousand incidents occur each year, and 1,791 of them have resulted in injuries and deaths in Minnesota.

#5. Missing lane and incorrect passing

Ten thousand of car accidents also occur when drivers on a multi-lane highway fail to keep their vehicles “fully in the lane”, or when they pass another vehicle with unsafe manner.

According to Minnesota truck accident lawyer, these unsafe behaviors resulted in injuries and deaths in 1,387 traffic accidents during the year. In a recent year, drunk and drugged drivers caused injuries and deaths in 305 traffic crashes, according to data from CRIS.


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