Nikola trucks
Nikola trucks

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Nikola Trucks!

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The launch of sales for a Nikola Tre BEV truck tailored exclusively for Europe was announced by Nikola Corporation and joint venture partner IVECO Group on 18th September 2022 at IAA Transportation 2022 in Germany. Nikola Corporation ($NKLA) is known for its American zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) products. So far, the company have produced and distributed over 111 truck units. While the company was notorious for its controversies, Nikola is accelerating the development of all-electric commercial trucks to put its stormy history in the rearview and focus on the future. Here’s everything you need to know about the newest nikola trucks.

About Nikola Trucks

Nikola trucks
Nikola trucks

So, you might have already been wondering about the newest edition of this nikola trucks. This recent vehicle is dubbed as Tre-Truck, and was apparently a combination between an Iveco chassis and a third-party electric powertrain. The result is an outstanding nikola semi trucks with electric power engine. This nikola semi trucks was assembled in Arizona and weighs around 37.2 tonnes when loaded. It is intended for long-distance commercial deliveries. A single electric motor on the back axle generates 480kW, allowing it a top speed of 120 km/h, according to the manufacturer.

Although an exact timing for 0-100 km/h acceleration has not been released, Nikola claims it will cut the customary 25 seconds needed by diesel alternatives in half. A massive 753kWh lithium-ion battery pack, which is roughly 15 times larger than the one in a typical Tesla Model 3, provides the necessary voltage. It’s a no brainer that automotive-enthusiasts are all riled up to welcome this nikola hydrogen trucks. However, because to the Tre’s excessive weight, anonymous testing methodologies say that its range is only 560 km, as opposed to the 491 km of a standard Model 3 on Europe’s WLTP test cycle.

In Coolidge, Arizona, Nikola started manufacturing its nikola electric trucks Tre truck in the US in March, with the first deliveries occurring in April. The car manufacturer only announced 11 Tre deliveries for the first quarter of 2022, but ramped that up to 48 more in the second quarter, exceeding Wall Street’s estimates. Mr. Russell claims that a Nikola Tre powered by hydrogen fuel cells is also under development and will soon go into production. This nikola hydrogen trucks have been rumored to be also released in Europe.

Initially, the businesses declared their intentions to create a factory in Ulm, Germany, where they would produce Nikola trucks throughout the continent. A few hours later, the joint venture disclosed an agreement of understanding under which it will provide 25 Tre BEVs to the Hamburg Port Authority by the year 2022. Nikola Corporation has started accepting orders from clients in Europe for their own distinctive version of the Tre BEV truck now that the Ulm factory is operational.

Nikola’s Tre Trucks in Europe

Nikola Tre Trucks in Europe
Nikola Tre Trucks in Europe

The European “42 Artic” version of the Nikola Tre is a real, heavy-duty electric semi with, what Nikola boasts, “best-in-class range” of up to 530 km. This nikola electric trucks was built to Europe’s slightly different regulatory requirements. That ought to be sufficient to “accomplish a wide range of regional missions,” according to the official announcement. The fuel-cell version, on the other hand, performs considerably better in terms of range, providing 800 km (a little more than 495 miles) of “autonomy” before it needs to refuel. This seems to be less of a problem in Europe than it is in the US.

Luca Sra whos is a Truck Business Unit President of Iveco Group once stated that both Nikola Tre trucks are the first modular platform which is capable of hosting fuel cell and battery propulsion technologies.

Furthermore, he stated that electric trucks nikola European 4×2 Arctic Version is the first modular electric platform ever created for articulated heavy-duty tractors, supporting both battery and fuel cell electric powertrains for missions up to 800 km in its initial iteration. A genuine revolution that represents a concrete step toward realizing our aspirational zero-emissions transportation.

The nine batteries in the Euro-spec 42 Arctic electric semi have a combined, enormous energy capacity of 738 kWh, providing a range of up to 530 km. The time it takes to unload and reload a container in a big box warehouse may coincide well with the time it takes to complete an 80% charge at 350 kW, which takes slightly over 90 minutes.

The Artic version of the Tre truck for Europe is around 28 inches shorter as compared to Nikola’s 62 Tre truck for the US, giving just a little less area for batteries with total 738 kWh (as opposed to 753 kWh on 62 Tre). However, Nikola claims that the European version of the Tre BEV can deliver 480 kW (645 HP) of continuous power from its FPT Industrial e-Axle and charge up to 80% in 100 minutes (at 350 kW). The Nikola Tre created for Europe features a driver-centric cab packed with exclusive technologies, much as its US cousin.

The Nikola Tre FCEV Artic 62 has a steering tag axle and a modified cab with better aerodynamic performance than the existing Tre. It is currently in beta testing. With a range of up to 800 kilometers and a recharging duration of less than 20 minutes, the chassis can hold about 70 useable kg of hydrogen at 700-bar pressure. In 2024, Nikola plans to start manufacturing the new Tre FCEV for the European market.

The Verdict

The Verdict
The Verdict

The zero-emission Nikola Commercial trucking will never be the same thanks to Tre BEV and Tre FCEV. They were specifically designed as electric trucks nikola, and they can compete with their diesel-powered counterparts in the most demanding heavy-duty missions in terms of performance and driving pleasure. They provide customers with genuine competitive advantages by providing operationally and financially sound zero-emission solutions for local applications and long-distance haulage.

That’ s all interesting facts you need to know about nikola trucks. As for now, Nikola haven’t disclose the unit’s price yet. Fingers crossed they’ll announce it soon!

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